Hiiii y’all👋,

Today I will be talking about:

The Neutrogena ® visibly clear ® facial wash with MICROCLEAR ® technology

gosh that’s a mouthful right 😅 Now, I wanted to be using this product for a good amount of time (couple of weeks🗓) before writing ✏️my opinion on it, as I believe trying a product for just a couple of days does not present the ‘true’ effect. Sometimes I try a product once and fall in love with it 😍 but with continued use I come to the conclusion that my skin does not like it 👎

Neutrogena pink grapefruit

A little bit about Neutrogena ® :

  • Skin care brand which formulates products for
    ‘healthier skin’
  • ‘#1 dermatologist recommended ‘ –
    dermatologists are basically skin, nail and hair care experts!
  • Developed with dermatologists!

If I remember correctly this face wash comes in 2 options one was a 💚 colour and the other one 💗 and I ended up going for the ‘pink grapefruit’ as it just smells so lush!💕 (yes I do this thing in shops where I like to smell products before buying them, I’m sure I can’t be the only one haha)

This face wash is said to:

  • cleanse deeply to help eliminate spots
  • cleanse deeply to help eliminate blackheads
  • help achieve fresher, clearer and healthier skin everyday  – ( awesome stuff right?)


  •  Didn’t work on 👉 my 👈 blackheads 🙄 – I get blackheads around my nose and I still have to use weekly nose pore strips to remove these. I will do a post for the nose strips I use and link it here 👉 Blackheads Buster 💣
  • Doesn’t form a rich lather, which means that I have to use 2 ‘pumps’ each time for a foamy, frothy face wash!


  • Smells amazing – love using it in the morning because it freshens me up and gives me that uplifting feeling✨ and love using it in the evening for a deeeeeep cleaning, like a face mask!
  •  Skin tone more even and brighter ☀️- means my make up sits better! 💄(always a good thing).

My skin is very sensitive, but whilst using this facewash it seems like my outbreaks have become somewhat stabilised.. so I do still get the odd spots here and there but my skin feels softer and looks clearer! This is a face wash at the end of the day, not a magic potion! 🔮 Hope this post has been helpful & Let me know if you guys end up using this product.

Love, Kimmiee.


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