Aveeno® …worth the💰?

Hey all 👋,

Today I’m gonna talk about the:

Aveeno® Skin Relief Lotion

If some of you suffer from dry skin like me hopefully this post will be helpful! Quite a few people recommended using this skin lotion to me 🤔, because they saw just how dry my hands can get! However the price tag that came with it always put me off 💸. Eventually, after seeing Jennifer Anniston’s advert I thought I’ll give it a go ( way to go Aveeno with your celebrity sponsors ha! 🙃) The Aveeno skin care range is either ‘Daily Moisture’ or ‘Skin Relief’ – since my dry skin is quite severe I went for the skin relief range as I thought this would be more suitable for 👉 my skin 👈 and boy was I right !💁🏻


A little bit about Aveeno®:

  • Use of Naturally Active Ingredients –

‘to unlock the true potential of natures skin-enhancing secrets such as Oats’

  • They’re Oaty about Oats! –

‘Oats buffer, protect, moisturise, soothe and cleanse the skin’

  • They also participate in Dermatology & Pharmacy congress – and are soon becoming the #1 recommended brand for patients suffering from dry skin!


  • Expensive – in comparison to other lotions


  • Works a treat
  • Keeps my skin moisturised for hours and hours
  • Does NOT leave an ‘oily’ residue – thank god !! 🙌
  • Absorbs into the skin within seconds ⏱

Hope this post has been helpful to some of you out there!

Love, Kimmiee.


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