Ultimate Blends, the Ultimate Hair-Care Solution? 💁🏻

Hey y’all 👋,

Today I’m gonna talk about my Shampoo & Conditioner:

Garnier Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer

Now before these came into the market I was a firm believer of the TRESemmé range, which I do still love 💕, but ever since cutting my hair into a shoulder length lob✂️ I have needed something that really sleek-i-fies my hair – to make my hair look on SLEEK! 💁🏻 haha I’ve found that this range does the job! My hair becomes so smooth instantly! No matter what kind of chemicals from hairspray, dry-shampoo or hair wax I’ve got in or even all 3 at the same time! This shampoo forms the foamiest lather, and is so easy to work into the hair & that post-shower softness is like no other!


But how is this shampoo really different from any other shampoo?… COCONUTS! & COCOA BUTTER! Everyone knows of the nourishing qualities of both these amazing holy grail products, be it for skin 😊, nail 💅or hair-care 💇🏻! So when I came across a hair-care range that combined these two I knew it was time to jump off the TRESemmé band-wagon.


  • I find that I need to use quite a lot of the conditioner in my hair to make it seem like it’s really ‘working’ into the depths of my hair 🙄
  • Also because this product nourishes your hair so WELL I have realised my hair gets greasy faster than with other shampoos 👎


  • Smells like heaven to any coconut lover!
  • Cocoa Butter has a wide range of benefits including:
  1. Improving the quality of the hair
  2. Strengthening the strands of the hair
  3. Combatting dandruff
  4. Aiding in hair-loss!
  • Coconut oil – for luscious soft, smooth & silky hair! Coconut oil helps you SAY GOODBYE TO SPLIT ENDS! (with continued use of course). Some more benefits of Coconut Oil include:
  1. Stimulating hair growth
  2. Increasing the ‘health’ of the scalp – & a healthy scalp makes for healthy hair – pretty simple maths right? 😉
  3. Preventing hairs from breaking 🙌

 Hopefully this post has been helpful! Take care guys

Love, Kimmiee 💋


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