Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear

Hey everyone 👋,

How lovely is the weather (finally) I knew I could always count on June 🌸 to bring out the lovely warmth of the sun 🌝 …long sunny days lazing around in the garden (yay!) If like me you like spending a lot of time out in the sun then you must also suffer from what I used to call ‘The foundation drip’ 💧 – when the direct sunlight on my face used to melt away my cheap foundation! Thank god it didn’t look like a Madame Tussauds figure 🙎had melted away but it was still bad! I then came across this foundation, which along with the stippling brush I bought made a small dent in my wallet 💸 but its been worth it!

Im talking about the:

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation

estee lauder image

I bought this foundation 2 summers ago 🌞 & I haven’t regretted it once, I’m kind of surprised it actually lasted this long as usually my foundations ran out a lot faster… but since its coming very close to its expiry (24m) 😞 I have been trying to use it as much as I can to avoid wasting even a drop! …but if you use this product or have used this product in the past you’ll know what I mean by a LITTLE goes a very LONG way! Especially if you’re using the right brush to apply this beauty! I will post a link to the brush I use to apply this foundation here: (coming soon⏳)


  • Can look ‘cakey’ if applied too heavy -handed 👎
  • If you’re layering your foundation & don’t let each layer set then fine lines become visible
  • Doesn’t have a pump, so you have to carefully tip over some foundation onto the back your hand and then dip the brush into it
  • Feels like the skin can’t always breathe because of its thick consistency


  • Perfect summer-time ☀️ foundation, feels like it doesn’t sweat off! 💦
  • ‘Dissolves’ into your skin and if set properly becomes part of your skin 👌
  • Coverage is absolutely divine, with the right base* it will cover all your acne scarring / spots / pimples.

Overall I think this foundation is a great way to start your journey from drug-store to high-end & if you’re looking for a foundation to cover uneven skin-tone, acne scarring, blemishes, spots, dark circles then this foundation definitely does the job! (with the right base, setting & a couple of layers) Hope ya’ll have enjoyed reading this post! & let me know what you think of this foundation!

Love, Kimmiee.


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