Butter for Kiss-able Lips 👄

Hey Everyone 👋,

Yes! Butter! No I’m not crazy! I’m talking about the:

NIVEA Lip ButterCoconut

Haha, gotchaaa didn’t I 😏 …I’m not sure if using the left-over butter from your pancakes in the morning is any good for your lips 👄, actually it might even be as it probably would make them feel soft… and oily.. and maybe sticky (hmmm 🤔) Well if you don’t want your lips tasting like Lurpak theres always the amazing Lip Butters from Nivea! Nivea is a brand which I’m sure is a household staple!🏡 My parents have been using the good ol’ blue & white round Nivea tubs since as long as I can remember so I know just amazing their products are 👌

Now lets get started!

Lip butter

This is currently the only lip balm product I use on my lips 👄, now if you’re up to date with my blog posts you’ll see that I love the smell of coconut 🌴& thats why it should be no surprise that my lip butter is – Coconut Lip Butter! 🙌 Coconut oil has amazing qualities in terms of nourishment and making your skin softer by increasing the water💧content of the skin… in other words coconuts provide hydration – quenching the thirst of those dry lips (sounds good to me😁)


  • If (like me) you like to lather up your lip balm you’ll be left with lips that look white. – if you’ve experienced this trust me, you’ll know what I mean
  • Not a very good base for applying lip liner/lipstick 💄 (as its too creamy)


  • Very moisturising
  • Lasts a good amount of time ⏰… for me it lasts even whilst stuffing my face with food 🍔🍞🧀🍕🍖
  • My lips have stopped peeling 🙌👏

Hopefully this post has been useful to some of you guys, till next time 💗

Love, Kimmiee.


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