NYX Haul

Hey everyone 👋,

A couple days ago I was at Boots after a very long time (blame university exam season📚) & believe it or not it was my first time being at a Boots store since they introduced the NYX brand! 🙌 (yaaaay!) I’ve seen beauty bloggers from across the pond (very massive pond) use NYX cosmetics 💄for the longest time & I’m sure I’m not the only Brit to have yearned to use them, especially those concealer wands that are everywhere on Instagram 📸 & Youtube! ▶️ …yes I did get my hand on one 😃 (woot woot!)

Welcome to my first ever make-up haul post ❣️ I have actually been meaning to write this post 📝 for a few weeks now – sigh – but a house move 🏡 meant that my make-up was all over the place & I wasn’t able to photograph 📸 my beauties – sigh…again – Now that I’ve found them lets get started!


This little bad boy… oh its oh so smooth and my skin feels like velvet after using it! Foundation seems to glide on afterwards with no huge pores 🙅🏻 staring back at me in the mirror 🙌 I bought this seeing as its summer now 🌞 & my already oily skin will be getting even more oily! – Summer Must Have –


This little beauty was the main reason I wanted to get my hands on NYX… nearly every beauty blogger (that I’ve come across) seems to use this. So its just natural that I needed to buy it too… right? 👀🤑 I’m not sure how I feel after having used it though 😶… So heres my review on it Review: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand


I’m a sucker for some good matte lipsticks! 💄 & these were my – oh my gosh – moment in Boots that day! I promise they’re different colours! 🙈


See I told ya! One is slightly pink pigmented & the other I believe is more nude – just a touch though 😅


…you know when you’re buying a few things 💸 & then just throw another item in the basket just to ‘check it out’ – this was one of those but I am excited to try it! I’ve never  used finishing powders before so I am a bit scared seeing as its white …*imagining scary flash photos currently📸 👻*


-Hallelujaaaaaaah- using these actually feels like I found the best product for oily skin. These papers are just amazing & they feel so different to how I imagined & they do such an amazing job clearing up the excess oil! 👏🙌


So… that was my NYX haul guys! Let me know if you currently use any of these products & help a girl out with using the finishing powder 😓

Love, Kimmiee.


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