Water+ Fruit = Infruition 🙌

Hey everyone 👋,

TODAY. IS. THE. DAY! I have officially been attending a gym for 1 whole month 🙌 I know thats nothing to you gym bunnies🐰… but to me (someone that despised the word gym it means a lot! 💪) Along the way I’ve done many things to try keep me motivated… one of these was buying an Infruition bottle! Fruit infused 🍓 waters are a little bit of a craze on Instagram at the moment & different infusions are said to have different effects on the body, ranging from increasing your metabolism to helping detox & cleanse your body.

They’re also a great way to help people that might not like the taste of water drink more water – the healthy way without the addition of sweeteners 🚫, which are usually added in supermarket bought fruity waters & plus nothing can compare to the freshness of having real pieces of fruit in your water to flavour it! This bottle has literally been my go-to water bottle for the gym 🏋 ever since I bought it! Before I purchased this bottle I had one of those ‘instagram-worthy’ VOSS water bottles and I made the mistake of filling it up, by which I mean squashing down, as many pieces of 🍋 lemon & lime as I could 👎 just like they do on Instagram…

Biggest. Mistake.

A few minutes on Google later I came across this bottle! Its got the perfect compartment for all the pieces of fruit 🍓🍇🍋🍉, which is so easy to clean & little holes mean no pieces of fruit can make their way into your mouth 👌


This is the packaging it comes in, it arrived perfectly with no dents 👌 ( I absolutely loathe receiving parcels that arrive with dents). I ordered the Sports edition as it comes with a handy handle – get it? haha (so sad kimmiee) this just makes it easier to carry around in the gym.


My current go-to infusion has to be Lemon & Lime 🍋, its such a nice refreshing infusion perfect for the gym, another nice infusion is 🍓 Strawberry & Lime but Strawberries & Kiwis I personally  didn’t like. They’ve also suggested a recipe on the side of the box (shown above) which I haven’t yet tried. I’d love to try a recipe using cucumbers as they are so refreshing, if any of you know any infusion recipes that you’d recommend I’d love to try them out! Comment down below 👇 Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post!… If you did then don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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