Cleansing Wipes? Its SIMPLE 💁🏻

Hey everyone 👋,

Today I will be talking about my all-time favourite cleansing/make-up removing wipes I touched up on these wipes here 👉 Award: The Sunshine Blogger 🌞 If you haven’t come across my Sunshine Blogger post yet check it out to find out about more awesome blogs! So lets get started:

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

 These wipes have become sort of a family tradition now 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, my sister and I started using them years & years back & once my brother got married we brought our sister-in-law 👰 in on the goodness!


The really good thing about these wipes is that no matter how much make-up I have layered on its never a struggle to remove! 🙌 …Even post-wedding make-up that the make-up artists have set with sprays & waterproof this & that… these wipes are almost magic ✨ & they are made with the softest fibres so that they feel gentle on your skin! The wipes also contain  2 vitamins, one of them being Pro-Vitamin B5, what does that mean? 🤔 well I don’t really know…but they say its what prevents your skin from feeling dried/stretched out, which usually does happen with other cleansers! I never feel like I have to reach for my moisturiser straight away after using these babies, so thats a good thing.

The second is Vitamin-E, this vitamin is a skincare gurus favourite, The Bodyshop even has their own range of products made with specifically this vitamin as it is said to protect your skin from nearly all environmental factors.. pollution, cigarette smoke 🚬 – just about anything which can lead to premature aging of the skin 👵🏻. That being said up until now I never used waterproof mascara but ever since I invested in one of those bad boys I realised that these wipes are not as effective & as magical as I thought! 👎 So I had to come in & use my Vichy Micellar Water to remove the stubborn waterproof residue on my eyes 👁👁. I found this quite shocking as these wipes are advertised to remove waterproof mascara… 🤔

The Simple Kind to Skin range also prides themselves on containing “No Parabens” – now I wasn’t too sure about what this meant either 🙈 so I did some quick research for you guys. Parabens are basically chemical ⚗substances which help pro-long the life of your cosmetic products, so in a way they act as preservatives for your lipsticks 💄, body lotions, deodorants and so much more. However, recently some research has shown that perhaps putting these chemical preservatives onto your delicate skin may not be such a good idea after all!

Another label on the packaging says “No Alcohol” now this is something I do know about since years ago a friend of mine told me to look for facial skincare products which do not contain alcohols!  This is because using alcohol based cosmetics is bad for you skin as it can cause irritation, increase break-outs (even though they’re usually present in products for oily skin as they provide an immediate matte effect, it does not mean they’re good for your skin in the long term 🗓 & if that isn’t enough apparently they age your skin faster too! 👎

At the Simple factory they really make stuff simple right? It just seems like honest goodness & I suppose thats the reason I only ever buy these wipes & legit walk around recommending them to everyone! These wipes don’t contain anything which can upset even the most sensitive skin! Further to the No Parabens & No Alcohol they also don’t contain Perfumes & Colours! I know I will definitely be using these facial cleansing wipes as part of my make-up removal routine for a very long time! They are essential! You see a girls stocked up! 💁🏻


I L❤️VE looking at the dirty wipe after removing my cake-face because it just feels so clean & like my skin can finally breathe again! 😅 Hope y’all enjoyed reading todays post!

Love, Kimmiee 💋


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