Review: Highlight & Contour Sticks

Hey everyone 👋,

It feels so gooooood to be writing a post again 📝! I wanna start of by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has shown me love 💕 after my little hiatus from blogging! It feels good to be back in blogging world 🌍! So without further ado… lets get started! In todays post I will be talking about the:

AOM Highlight & Contour sticks


I have been using these sticks to highlight & contour my face for well over a year now & let me say one thing 👉they sure do LAST a long time! ⏰ I actually think they’re gonna be expiring soon & YES people! Make-Up products do have an expiry date! …Well its not so much a date, its the little thing that looks like this 👇


I’m gonna do a small post specifically about this symbol & I’ll link it here: (coming soon ⏳) These were actually the first highlight/contour sticks I invested in when the whole craze of sculpting the face was all over instagram & youtube. I’m not too sure 🤔 what made me choose these sticks in particular but I guess it was partly because I followed the owner of Artist of Make Up Cosmetics on Instagram & she was always posting pictures 📸 of her sticks… me being me I just needed to buy them 💸 cause I really need to have everything  right? 😒


Im not sure why the highlight stick came out so white in the picture, even though I didn’t use Flash⚡️! My highlight stick is “light” & my contour stick is “medium” These sticks are pretty good as they are very creamy so they definitely do not dry out the face! This was great for me when I just started using them… but over the last I’d say 11 months my skin has become so much more oily & I really think I would benefit more from using powder contours.

These sticks are also great for when you’re learning how to contour as they are very easily blend-able & you can work the intensity of the contour …I think this is especially good for beginners as one stroke doesn’t leave you with a harshly chiselled cheekbone, so you can just keep on applying till you’re at the level of intensity you like! HOWEVER Looking back, now that I have gained more of an understanding of the beauty world I don’t think I would re-purhcase these… instead I would go for a more recognised brand for example Benefit or Anastasia Beverley Hills as these AOM Contour Sticks are within the same price band, if not slightly more expensive than the well-known brands out there.

This is all my personal opinion & its not necessary that anyone else agrees with me… but this is me being honest! Let me know which contour sticks/kits are your favourites as I am on the lookout for some!




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