Review: Luxury Cream Handwash

Hey everyone 👋 This is just going to be a quick small post talking a little bit about these beauties which I use to try keep moisture in my hands as well as my make up brushes! Yes you heard that right! I use these hand washes to give my make-up brushes a good & … Continue reading Review: Luxury Cream Handwash

TAG: This or That

Hey guys 👋 I haven't posted in a couple of days as I have been down with food poisoning 😓 ...never eating McDonalds again. It was the first time in a long time ⏰ & the last time for a very very very long time! 🍔🍟 Anyways, Welcome to my This or That tag 💅💄👠 … Continue reading TAG: This or That

E45 for dry hands?🤔

Hey everyone 👋its soooooooooooo cold here in the UK ❄️and as usual my hands are extremely dry, I swear its like they are stripped of any & all natural skin oils because I wash my hands so much! I have done a few posts on lotions which I have tried & tested for dry skin … Continue reading E45 for dry hands?🤔

Review: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Wash

Hey guys👋 are you ever in that mood where you just want to walk into Boots and buy a simple face wash, something which you haven't put too much thought into🤔 and something that isn't too expensive, what I like to call "designer face washes"💸, well I did just that when I walked in & … Continue reading Review: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Wash

Re-piercing a piercing?! OUCH

Hey guys 👋 Have any of you ever been in this situation where you've taken out your piercings for quite some time, longer than you'd hoped & then when you finally put them back inside the hole it. just. doesn't. fit. 😰 ...yeah this is what I'm going through atm 😵 It is actually such a … Continue reading Re-piercing a piercing?! OUCH

My FIRST EVER Sephora haul!

Hey everyone👋 I MADE IT to Sephora! That is definitely one to tick of my wish-list! It absolutely sucks how we don't have Sephora here in the UK 🇬🇧. I was so excited to finally visit a store whilst on holiday in Canada! 🇨🇦 I spent a good 2 hours in this store both times I went, not … Continue reading My FIRST EVER Sephora haul!

Review: Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimiser

Hey everyone👋 That title is such a mouthful ehh? Im back again, this time with a review of a face wash which I was using... now I'll be honest I only bought this facewash for 2 reasons... I thought it was so cool how they did the packaging, it looks so much like a toothpaste! I love … Continue reading Review: Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimiser

Hate shaving your underarms?

Hey everyone👋 Todays post is about this cool product I came across a while back. Its a deodorant which is said to👇 Contain high concentrations of multiple actives to minimise the need for hair removal under the arms whilst fighting odour. With daily use, the need to shave or wax will be reduced dramatically. With things … Continue reading Hate shaving your underarms?

FAD: New Years Resolutions.

Hey guys👋 Lets get right to it Somehow every conversation with just about anyone tends to lead to the question: "So what are your New Years resolutions" Am I right? Personally I don't enthuse New Years resolutions as I believe that at the point you decide to do something for yourself👔, health🙏 or love life💕 related it should … Continue reading FAD: New Years Resolutions.

Two Thousand Seventeen

Hey everyone👋 Its the start of a New Year 🎇, lets make it a good one. Firstly, let me just say... I know I haven't posted since August 20th🗓... daaaaamn that seems like such a long time ago! ...So much has happened since then... I travelled a little bit🌍, my sisters wedding👰 took place, I've been house hunting🏡...So … Continue reading Two Thousand Seventeen