Two Thousand Seventeen

Hey everyone👋 Its the start of a New Year 🎇, lets make it a good one. Firstly, let me just say… I know I haven’t posted since August 20th🗓… daaaaamn that seems like such a long time ago! …So much has happened since then… I travelled a little bit🌍, my sisters wedding👰 took place, I’ve been house hunting🏡…So yeah… its been a busy busy 4 months & I didn’t get the time to sit down and write for you guys🖊… BUT Sit tight because I made my first EVER trip to Sephora!!! 💃 Stay tuned to read about my experience & my haul! Here’s the link: My FIRST EVER Sephora haul!

Secondly, I have jumped back on the ‘selective‘ eating 🧀🍗🍤🍝🍳 bandwagon, as the holiday season🎄 is an easy time to put on the pounds, especially when you’re travelling… so I decided that once all this is over it was definitely time to start nourishing my body with good foods rather than pile on junk food and consume endless amounts of fizzy drinks. Anyways lets save all that talk for another post (coming soon⌛️).

Thirdly, wishing each & everyone of you a very happy new year, may this be the year for self-empowerment, joy & blessings. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… if you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more posts! 😁

To New Beginnings. 🌸

Love, Kimmiee.


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