Hate shaving your underarms?

Hey everyone👋 Todays post is about this cool product I came across a while back. Its a deodorant which is said to👇

Contain high concentrations of multiple actives to minimise the need for hair removal under the arms whilst fighting odour. With daily use, the need to shave or wax will be reduced dramatically.

With things that claim to do something as dramatic as laser hair removal for the price of a box of chocolates 🍫 I’m always sceptical, but I guess the main reason I went for this product is because I came across it whilst on HudaBeauty’s Youtube Channel… For anyone that follows beauty blogging 💄💋I don’t need to introduce Huda Kattan but for those that might be reading this wondering who she is… she’s basically beauty blogging GOD!

I had to purchase it of Amazon as it was not available in any stores nearby👎. I think I bought this just over a year ago now, thats probably the reason why it wasn’t in shops back then but now its in places like Boots. Also apologies for this image, clearly I didn’t take this photo but I realised I threw away my deodorant after it finished. Still, I didn’t want that to be a reason not to write this post.

If you want to know a tiny bit about this brand then keep on reading 👇 Inhibitif has a wide range of products for the face & body (even intimate regions!) which all work towards the same concept, gradually reducing the need to shave & wax. The ingredients specifically target the hair follicles to slow down the growth rate as well as minimising the thickness of the hair.

The deodorant, as I’m sure with all their products contain plant-based 🌿 active molecules, but seeing as I have only tried and tested the deodorant I’ll stick to writing about that! They say you’ll see visible results 👁👁 from as little as 2 weeks. Now if I’m honest I don’t agree with this… yes the deodorant smells good, feels good & it really does target ingrown hairs but for me personally I don’t think I saw much of a difference in terms of minimising hair regrowth or the thickness of hair for that matter👎. This could be down to two reasons:

  1. My hair is thick & stubborn
  2. It takes longer than 6 months for any effects to become visible.

Have you tried out any of the inhibitif range? & if so which one? let me know!

Love, Kimmiee.


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