Re-piercing a piercing?! OUCH

Hey guys 👋 Have any of you ever been in this situation where you’ve taken out your piercings for quite some time, longer than you’d hoped & then when you finally put them back inside the hole it. just. doesn’t. fit. 😰

…yeah this is what I’m going through atm 😵

It is actually such a painful process, I’ve managed to get all 5 of the piercings in (which I had taken out for well over 7 months now) but the 6th one… ohh this little guy is giving me extra grief, bleedin’ up the place making my earlobe swell up like a pregnant womans’ ankles. I just wanted to get some tips of you guys what do you think works in this situation? I’ve tried the thing where you try insert the earring from both sides, but one side is just completely  blocked off!

yikes?! help!😫

p.s is there a less annoying way to keep all your earrings in but not have so many butterfly backs? it just gets super annoying when I’m trying to sleep on my side & this is the only reason I end up getting fed up and taking all of them out! Any help is appreciated! thanks!

Love, Kimmiee.


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