Review: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Wash

Hey guys👋 are you ever in that mood where you just want to walk into Boots and buy a simple face wash, something which you haven’t put too much thought into🤔 and something that isn’t too expensive, what I like to call “designer face washes”💸, well I did just that when I walked in & bought a Boots own brand Foaming face wash a couple weeks ago.


Its from the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range at Boots so its definitely the type of face wash I tend to usually go for. Tea Tree Oil is very commonly used on skin which is prone to blemishes, acne scarring, spots etc so its definitely right up my alley. The essential oil is derived from leaves 🍃 of the Tea Tree and has antiseptic properties. However overuse of Tea Tree Oil can really dry out the skin & this could lead to an overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands in your skin & you would end up making your oily skin/acne prone skin problem worse! …So basically the opposite of what you want to happen!

The other main ‘ingredient’ is Witch hazel, which works hand in hand with Tea Tree Oil, this extract is also derived from a plant 🌿 & has many uses… one of which includes reducing acne & inflammation. Witch Hazel is a strong antioxidant & therefore its good at killing bacterial cells which live inside the pores of your skins surface all of which leads to clear skin!… Hopefully

This face wash definitely has been fun to use, as I haven’t used a foaming face wash before, but it is running our rather quickly! I have used more than half of it already! This could be because I use 3 pumps instead of the recommended 2 but I love the way it lathers on the skin! I don’t think I’ve used a face wash before which feels like its stripping the dirt out of my pores whilst being so soft & foamy! After use my skin doesn’t feel stretched out/dried out & it really feels  c l e a n & s o f t. Overall I have liked using this face wash & I would probably buy it again!

Love, Kimmiee.


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