E45 for dry hands?🤔

Hey everyone 👋its soooooooooooo cold here in the UK ❄️and as usual my hands are extremely dry, I swear its like they are stripped of any & all natural skin oils because I wash my hands so much! I have done a few posts on lotions which I have tried & tested for dry skin including: Aveeno® …worth the💰? and Alternative to Aveeno? I realise I need to focus on hand washes as well rather than just moisturising lotions, so I will post a link to hand washes I tried out in a bid to retain some moisture in my skin 👉 Review: Luxury Cream Handwash

OK so e45 is quite a popular choice for people with dry flaky skin, as its been clinically 🔬proven to help treat dry & sensitive skin, they’re also considered to be skin care experts especially in the treatment of eczema. I thought why not test them out as my hands get to this stage where they start ‘ripping’ around the knuckle area because of how dry they are & the skin on my fingers starts peeling (don’t ask how much I wash my hands guys 😶)


Now, I personally found this the worst moisturising lotion I have ever ever ever come across 😕 Its like your hands are dry as a rock you apply this lotion & first of all the texture, I’m not with it.🙅🏻 Like I’m really not with the watery drip drip 💧 texture of it, & then when you are trying to rub it into your skin its like its just sliding right over the top, like you still feel your dry skin & its like this lotion is doing  n o t h i n g  but just simply gliding over 👎

Now there could be two reasons for this, maybe this lotion isn’t for hands as dry as mine & so its not moisturising them properly because when I apply this lotion to my arms it seems to do a somewhat decent job BUT I still hate the texture. For me buying this lotion was a complete & total waste of money guys & in all honesty I am waiting to use it all up and buy the Neutrogena body lotion again. How do you guys keep your hands moisturised during winter?

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Love, Kimmiee.


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21 thoughts on “E45 for dry hands?🤔

    1. I couldn’t live without hand lotions! I’m constantly on the hunt for a good creamy one & I think I may have found one recently which I love! Will be writing about that one soon! Thanks for stopping by & reading x


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