Review: Luxury Cream Handwash

Hey everyone 👋 This is just going to be a quick small post talking a little bit about these beauties which I use to try keep moisture in my hands as well as my make up brushes! Yes you heard that right! I use these hand washes to give my make-up brushes a good & thorough clean! If you want to know more about how I wash my brushes then read this 👉 Washing Make-Up Brushes Now if you’ve been keeping up-to-date with my post ya will know that my dry hands are no joke 🙅🏻& after trying out some moisturising lotions I knew that I also need to focus on what I use to wash my hands with throughout the day. Now lets talk about these 👇


Now I know they’re limited edition hand washes but I swear I always see them at Tesco like they’re one of the main items, so I don’t think they’ll be running off anywhere anytime soon. The first one of the Baylish & Harding range that I used was the gold one:

jojoba, silk & almond oil cream hand wash with added moisturisers

This hand wash smells absolutely delightful, it doesn’t strip/dry out your hands, in-fact if you’re used to antibacterial hand washes like myself then you will feel a bit meh 😕 about using this hand wash at the beginning as it doesn’t lather up as well as you’d might like it to. I’m guessing this is because of all the moisturises and specifically the almond oil inside it but anyways you WILL fall in love 💕 with it almost instantly & never want to use another hand wash ever again! The second one of the range I then went for was the:

pink magnolia & pear blossom luxury hand wash with added moisturisers

Now I’ll be honest I only went for this one because of the colour, I mean how beautiful does it look right? This one again smells lovely, not as good as the gold one in my eyes, or shall I say on my nose 👃 haha but nonetheless it is still an amazingly soft moisturising hand wash & whilst using both of these my dry hand problem is kept at bay which is a positive! 👍 yay! 👏 Once I saw how moisturising these hand washes were I thought why not use them to wash my brushes, because sometimes the bristles can get a bit rough because of how you wash them so I thought why not wash them with cream hand washes and it worked an absolute treat! They felt so soft on my skin & smelled lovely too!

Lastly, I know it says they are luxury hand washes but its definitely without the luxury price tag! 💰 & I buy them from Tesco so its very good value for what you’re getting, nowhere near the mega expensive brands like L’occitane or Crabtree & Evenlyn. If you wanna have a read of more things I have tried for hand care click here 👉 E45 for dry hands?🤔 or here Alternative to Aveeno? or here Aveeno® …worth the💰?  😋

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Love, Kimmiee.


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