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Hey guys 👋 I haven’t posted in a couple of days as I have been down with food poisoning 😓 …never eating McDonalds again. It was the first time in a long time ⏰ & the last time for a very very very long time! 🍔🍟 Anyways, Welcome to my This or That tag 💅💄👠


Blush or Bronzer

Definitely bronzer! I have only used blush on a very few occasions in my life, I just love the way bronzer gives that sun kissed glow & how it shapes your face. I’m not into rosy cheeks!

Lipgloss or Lipstick

Definitely lipstick! Again I think I have only very rarely (in my younger days) worn lipgloss! It just feels …sort of chavvy?! I love liquid lipsticks though

Eyeliner or Mascara

Definitely eyeliner! I have always been that girl with the perfectly winged eyeliner since high school! 💁🏻 I never used to wear mascara, I’ve just started recently & I’m in desperate need of a good one! So please share your favourite mascara’s with me down below 👇

Foundation or Concealer

Hmmmmm I’d have to say concealer, I go out wearing concealer without foundation quite a lot because it gives me some coverage & is just less work than foundation… Lazy girls unite🙋

Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow?

Neutrals. Definitely. I hate coloured eyeshadows. The only time I wear coloured eyeshadows is when a make up artist puts them on me e.g. For wedding parties. I’ll show you guys what my go-to eyeshadow pallete is here (coming soon⌛️)

Brushes or Sponges 

Hmmmm. I have like a love-hate relationship with sponges, I’ve had a few beauty blenders but ever since I saw a YouTube video of this girl cutting her BB in half & finding mould inside I’ve been put off using them 😷 but I do still like to use those little triangle sponges you can buy a multi pack of from Boots.


O.P.I or China Glaze

I can’t really say TBH because I haven’t bought & used either one of these, the only time I’ve seen China Glaze is at the nail salon when I’m getting my nails painted 💅 & well O.P.I is really famous so 🤔

Long or Short

Medium… I think short nails don’t look AS pretty as longer nails but then longer nails really annoy me & short nails are definitely more practical.

Acrylic or Natural

Always natural. Always.

Brights or Darks

I usually tend to go for brights or pastels, rarely every darks.

Flower or No Flower

Flowers on nails? Say what? 🤔


Curly or Straight

Natural. I never style my hair, I just don’t have the time or make the effort to do anything to it, I will change this… eventually… maybe 😅 but if I had to choose I would go curly.

Bun or Ponytail

I’ve never worn my hair in a bun, heck I don’t even know how to make a bun & as for ponytail its mainly for when I’m washing my face or when I’m driving 🚗

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips

Bobby Pins – even thought they’re somewhat useless ain’t they?

Hairspray or Gel

Hairspray although I have worn gel in my younger days! haha!

Long or Short

Once again I’d have to go for Medium, I think longer hair does look nicer & is easier to style but it does bother me & I don’t like to have hair in my face so I keep it at a sort of medium length.

Light or Dark

Light. I love ombre’s & highlights & balayage.

Side Sweep Bangs or Full Bangs

I don’t wear bangs, I feel like I outgrew them once I started Uni but back in the days I did have side sweep bangs & one time at the hairdressers I felt particularly adventurous and went for full bangs 💇🏻

Up or Down

Down if I’m like out and about but as soon as it starts getting in my face & annoying me then up it goes.


Rain or Shine

I prefer clear skies, so I’m not really fussed about whether its sunny as long as the skies are clear. I hate dark gloomy days.

Summer or Winter

I love snow ❄️, but if theres no snow then I HATE winter with a passion, so summer ☀️

Fall or Spring 

Ummm Spring

Chocolate or Vanilla

Chocolate. All. The. Way 🍫

Thanks for reading all my answers if you made it down to the end haha! & I tag:

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Cant wait to read your answers to these questions! Tag me when you post 😃 & any tips on a good mascara please do let me know down below 👇

Love, Kimmiee.


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