Hoola… Hoop? No silly, Bronzer!

Hey guys 👋 I'm just gonna get straight to the point - I LOVE THIS BRONZER ♥️ It's literally, honestly & definitely the best bronzer I've ever owned & I've owned a fair few 💁. For as long as I can remember I have always been the girl looking to achieve a sun kissed glow & … Continue reading Hoola… Hoop? No silly, Bronzer!

The Best of Netflix 📺

Hey everyone 👋 since I spend around 65% of my week on Netflix (I know thats sounds so bad & unproductive 🙈) I thought why not share my favourite series 📺 with you guys! ...so if any of you are stuck on what to switch to next, because you're like me & continuously run out of … Continue reading The Best of Netflix 📺

Blemishes? NYX them!

Hey guys 👋 hope y'all are having a lovely Saturday, my Saturdays are spent lazing around in bed with coffee ☕️ I'm currently (well, for the last year) loving the Douwe Egberts Roasted Hazelnut Coffee but I love all flavoured coffee's 💕 My go-to drink at Costa atm is the Hazelnut Latte - it is  a … Continue reading Blemishes? NYX them!

I’m on Twitter!

Hey everyone 👋 I have some exciting news for you guys! ...I joined Twitter! 🐦 - even though I have no idea how to actually use it, as I've never had a Twitter account before, do come show me some love please! 💕 I'm sure I'll get the hang of it ASAP. My Twitter handle … Continue reading I’m on Twitter!

Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation

Hey everyone 👋 I'm back again with a review & this time its the Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation. I remember when this range blew up on all the blogs on Instagram & Youtube. Now, even though I've had this foundation for a while, I know that I jumped on the bandwagon a little later than … Continue reading Review: Maybelline Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation

Brow’s these brows💁

Hey guys 👋 brows. brows. brows. Never in my childhood did I once think my brows would become so important to me! Heck not even in 2013 did I think my brows would be so important to me. I have always been that brown girl at school that had the super thin arched brows... yeah … Continue reading Brow’s these brows💁


Hey guys 👋 February has been the most exciting month 🗓 my blog has had! Just a day or two after reaching 500 likes 😱 I reached a 100 followers! 😱 Check out that link 👈 to see which 5 blogs I chose for my readers to check out! They post a range of things from beauty … Continue reading 100 followers 😍

Greasy hair? Have no fear, dry shampoo is here

Hey guys 👋 I just wanted to write a super quick post about the dry shampoo I use, there isn't a lot to say about a dry shampoo 🤔 other than it comes to the rescue when your hair is fit for frying an egg 🍳 I remember the first time I heard about dry shampoos … Continue reading Greasy hair? Have no fear, dry shampoo is here

Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hey there 👋 I'm back again with another review for you guys, now the title of this post was already so long that I didn't wanna add the 'liquid' part but this post is reviewing the liquid foundation. I also own the powder version & will link it here 👉 (coming soon ⌛️) I've had … Continue reading Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


Hey guys 👋 its me again 😅 this isn't a scheduled post but I just got a notification saying I've received 500 likes on my blog! 😱 WOW! Thats so crazy, I am so happy & so thankful to everyone that has taken the time to read my posts & like them, honestly guys so … Continue reading 500 likes 😱