Travel Wishlist – The Bucket List Edition

Hey everyone 👋 this post is a little bit different from what I normally post as it has nothing to do with skincare, make up or other things related to beauty💄… but like my tagline says 👆 this blog has ‘a little bit of everything’ so without further ado scroll down to have a look at the TOP 10 places I want to see through my own eyes 👀 in this lifetime. Ladies 👩 & gents 👱 its my ultimate travel bucket list!

Please note that the pictures in this wish list have not been taken by me & their respective links are stated at the bottom of the post. 

1 – Kyoto, Japan 


2 – Lapland, Finland


3 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

02 FEB 2013 - ONE FC (Kuala Lumpur) : Return of Warriors

4 – Santorini, Greece


5 – Matamata, New Zealand


6 – Venice, Italy


7 – Paro District, Kingdom of Bhutan


8 – Potosi, Bolivia


9 – Machu Picchu, Peru


10 – Flores, Guatemala 


Thats my top 10 folks! Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post …if you did then don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more cool posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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The rightful owners the images used are below.

  1. Header – etsy
  2. Kyoto, Japan – Paradise in the world
  3. Lapland, Finland – All about evie
  4. Chiang Mai, Thailand – Surinfarang
  5. Santorini, Greece – Huffington Post
  6. Matamata, New Zealand – Hobbiton Tours
  7. Venice, Italy – Fodors
  8. Part District, Kingdom of Bhutan – Tigers Nest Bhutan
  9. Potosi, Bolivia – Huffington Post
  10. Machu Picchu, Peru – Telegraph
  11. Flores, Guatemala – Viator

11 thoughts on “Travel Wishlist – The Bucket List Edition

    1. Ooo I’ll have to have a look at your post, always looking for road trips to go on around the UK! Santorini looks absolutely gorgeous, but part of me thinks that people are edited out of most tourism pictures & when I go it’ll be full of hundreds of people everywhere lol (does this make sense 😅. Thanks so much for reading! xx

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