One month down ✓ 11 to go

Hey guys!👋 I know I’m a couple days late with this one but I’ve had other posts scheduled so this one got delayed a bit! I swear I’m gonna work on my organisation 😅 but guys I can’t believe its February already! 🗓 I am so excited to see what this month has to offer 😋

I want to say an absolutely huge thankyou to everyone who has followed me this last month 💕 & who has taken the time to read my posts & like them. 2017 was a fresh start for me on my blog, I know I made my blog last year but after a 4 month hiatus from August 🗓 it was amazing to come back in January & blog regularly for you guys! I’ve really enjoyed sharing my views on beauty products 💄 amongst other things with you guys & hopefully you guys have enjoyed reading my posts!

Onto February, an even better month.

Love, Kimmiee.


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