Review: The Falsies Mascara

Hey everyone 👋 its a bright sunny afternoon out here today yaaaay! no more rain 🤗 but I have other problems apart from the weather 😔 I don’t know why but I can never find a decent mascara. Maybe its because I don’t know much about them as I havnt been using them for a long time. They were never part of  my make-up routine all throughout high school, I think I started wearing it occasionally during college but whilst at university I started wearing it much more.


Now, I bought this mascara using my Boots points (holla at my point collecting guys & gals 😘) but let me tell you guys it was the worst decision of my life 👎 I regret wasting my points on this & now that I’ve taken the pictures 📸 for this post I have actually chucked it out. I am definitely gonna invest in a different mascara because I really want to achieve nicely separated thick lashes – I have been wanting to try the Too Faced Better Than Sex one for a while! *fingers crossed* 🙌

Okay so I should probably tell you guys what happens when I use this…

No matter how lightly or how heavily I apply this to my lashes, no matter how careful I am & no matter WHAT technique I use, it always ALWAYS ends up clumping 😕 it sticks my lashes together like I’m actually brushing them into one massive lash 😐 – I have no idea why it does this! The funny thing is each time that I’ve tried this I actually look in the mirror & see how separated my lashes are naturally & wonder why I’m even bothering… but then I tell myself today will be different, today this mascara will give me the thickness I want… but no 😔

I have tried wiping the entire wand clean using a make-up wipe, I have tried using a cotton bud to clean the top/rim of the actual mascara tube (as sometimes clumps can form there), I never push the wand in & out of the tube as I know this creates air inside & I only ever apply one coat so this clumping business can’t be happening because of layers & layers of un-dried coats. I have no idea why this mascara has been like this from the very first application. 👎 Its called ‘the falsies’ & it definitely makes your lashes look like 3 big false lashes thats for sure 😒

I don’t really know what else to say about this TBH. The packaging isn’t all that cute and I don’t even know why I bought it 🤔. The only good thing about this mascara is that it wipes off quite easily using a make-up wipe so I have literally ended up going out mascara-less 😒

Have any of you tried out this mascara & how was it for you? Hopefully this post was informative & you enjoyed it …if you did then don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more cool posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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13 thoughts on “Review: The Falsies Mascara

  1. Was actually considering getting my hands on this one, but I guess not. You should try the Lash Sensational Mascara from Maybelline. I absolutely love it, compares to some high end ones.
    Love your posts! Would appreciate it if you checked out my blog too xx

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  2. It’s probably the wand. I get get on with this style my lashes always clump. Best mascara ever is L’Oréal beauty tubes ! X


    1. Whyyyyy do lashes have to clump 😩 its not fair! Thanks for your suggestion of the L’Oréal beauty tubes I’ve just done a quick Google search as I never came across this mascara before! So thank you for the suggestion, I’ll have to check it out at Boots! 💋

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