Hey guys 👋 February has been the most exciting month 🗓 my blog has had! Just a day or two after reaching 500 likes 😱 I reached a 100 followers! 😱 Check out that link 👈 to see which 5 blogs I chose for my readers to check out! They post a range of things from beauty items 💄to travelling 🌍


I am so grateful to those of you who have been here from the very start 😋. You guys have seen this blog change shape, change themes, change writing styles & just change in general… So I’m so thankful for being a part of my journey from the very beginning 🙌 Those of you who have joined my journey this year I Thankyou for that 😘 & I hope you enjoy reading my posts ☺️

2017 is a year for me to focus… focus on my blog, my skincare & myself. I am so happy I get to share this journey with my friends in the blogging world – the blogosphere 🌍. As I have been focusing a lot more on my blog this year I started writing out some goals to keep me focused. I am happy to help & show support wherever I can… so my personal blogging goals for 2017 are:

  1. Make a Twitter account 🐦 – this is the next piece of social media I want to get on, I have just recently joined Instagram & I want to fully get used to that before taking this next step. Here’s a link to my Insta 👉 thetypicalbeautyblog
  2. Make a Youtube account ▶️ – this goal is one I want to accomplish further on in my blogging journey, I feel like its too soon ATM but I’m thinking ahead
  3. Make a Bloglovin’ account – I read a lot about Bloglovin’ but I have no idea what it is yet, so in due time (once I find out) I will join it
  4. Make a Pinterest account ℗ – this doesn’t really need an explanation in the beauty blogging world does it?

As you’ve noticed all 4 of my blogging goals ATM revolve around social media, I really think social media holds great importance in starting a new blog & well mine is fairly new… I know I published my first post in April 2016 (check it out here 👉 FIRST POST …yikes😰 ) but after a 4 month hiatus & not posting that much last year, my blog feels very new to me & in 2017 I want to take it to the next level 🙏

Hopefully these goals are useful to you guys & help you reach more people with your writing cause at the end of the day thats what its all about, sharing you experiences/life & touching people with your words 📝. Once again thank-you for helping me reach this milestone in my blogging journey. Be sure to “like” the post down below if you have enjoyed reading it & follow me for more posts!

Support & Love ✨



Lets connect ✨

Instagram: thetypicalbeautyblog

Twitter: TheTypicalBBlog

Pinterest: thetypicalbeautyblog

18 thoughts on “100 followers 😍

  1. Congratulations! I recently hit this goal as well. And like you, I recognize that social media will be the way to really start sharing my blog with others. I think your blog layout is beautiful, and easy to navigate, which also really helps!

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