Brow’s these brows💁

Hey guys 👋 brows. brows. brows. Never in my childhood did I once think my brows would become so important to me! Heck not even in 2013 did I think my brows would be so important to me. I have always been that brown girl at school that had the super thin arched brows… yeah you know what I’m talking about. I swear I could have easily passed as someones evil step-mom! 👺 My extremely arched brows were complimented by an Arabian style flicked eyeliner 🙈 but those days are long gone! I barely wear eyeliner now (on a day-to-day basis) & well I have been growing my brows back to their natural thick state since summer 2014 – its an ongoing journey 😅


Ok now to this brow kit, its actually the first brow kit I’ve ever owned, seeing as I have been growing my brows & not shaping them as neatly I didn’t really need brow products to make them look thicker/darker than they already do – cause we all know thats not a good look 🙅🏻 but it has been a great starting product to get the hang of how to do brows. I have this thing where I like to experiment/practice make-up techniques using cheap drugstore brands before going high-end… I’m sure some of you guys do that too right? 🤔 or is it just me? 😶 To me personally it would feel like a waste of money 💸 practicing using expensive make-up – but thats just me 😄

Let me say this though, I know that this Brow Kit is in no way the best kit money can buy🙅🏻, its also not a kit that I had researched before buying 🔍 or ever even heard of for that matter! It was purely just a spur of the moment buy – but I have not regretted it! As you can see from the picture I prefer using the creamy brown colour on the left compared to the powder in the middle. This is because my brows can get quite unruly & the cream gels the hair, in a subtle way 👍

I feel like the brown powder is not the most natural looking, it instantly gives me the very ‘dark drawn on eyebrow’ feel, which I hate 👎. Every time I think of giving the powder a try it just fails me & I have to use one of my Simple Cleansing Wipes 💁🏻 to clean it all of & start again. Those wipes are great btw 👆 I have been using them for years! So check out that post if you haven’t already.

The shade on the right is so AMAZING, the picture 📸 really doesn’t do it any justice. I love using this all over my brow-bone. I don’t use a brush for this, as this kit didn’t give me one & I’m never bothered to reach for my Real Technique brushes (link coming soon ⌛️) So I just put some on my finger & rub it all along my brow-bone, putting an extra pop of colour right in the arch – this is actually such a nice shimmery colour & it really helps make my eyebrows look shaped, even when they’re not! 🙌

As you can see the kit comes with a brow pencil…now I prefer using this as an eyeliner because it really helps give off that soft & warm smokey eye. I then go on to use my Hoola Bronzer in the crease. Overall I like this kit, it’s a good kit but it’s nothing special. I’m gonna upgrade to a better brow product soon, as I have finally (nearly) reached the end of my eyebrow-fixing-journey 🙏 so if you guys have any suggestions please do leave them in the comments! 👇

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Love, Kimmiee.


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