Blemishes? NYX them!

Hey guys 👋 hope y’all are having a lovely Saturday, my Saturdays are spent lazing around in bed with coffee ☕️ I’m currently (well, for the last year) loving the Douwe Egberts Roasted Hazelnut Coffee but I love all flavoured coffee’s 💕 My go-to drink at Costa atm is the Hazelnut Latte – it is  a b s o l u t e l y  divine guys! OKURRR stop Kimmiee ✋ Look at me going on about coffee when in fact this post is about the NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar! 👇


I found this little gem at Boots, which is equivalent to a shoppers drug-mart (I think) for my non-UK readers & I am so glad I decided to pick it up 🙌 even though I didn’t have high expectations from this little inexpensive jar I was totally blown away by how good it actually is & its become a staple in my make-up routine. For those of you who might not know a lot about NYX, its basically a good drugstore brand, they’re not expensive and have great quality products (well most of them – I previously bought the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand – which I was so disappointed with 😔) but anyways NYX does have some amazing dupes for higher end make-up & are in general just very affordable 🙆

I guess partly the reason why I didnt have high hopes for this concealer jar IS because of the colour corrector 👎 You can read my review of it here …OK back to the jar, guys it’s actually such an AMAZING concealer, it is so creamy 👌, provides SO much coverage 🙌 & its really good for the under eye area 👁👁 as it doesn’t crease up or look cakey! …This makes me think, the only difference between the jar & the colour corrector is the fact that the corrector I bought was in wand-form, not in a jar. This could be why I didn’t like it, as the wand could mean a difference in the formula – making it more liquid-y than creamy? 🤔 hmmm

I might just buy the colour corrector in jar-form as well to try it out! – oh gosh I love writing these blogs for you guys 💕 cause it really makes me think! but for now back to the concealer. To apply it I use the Detailer Brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection & then use a triangle sponge (the ones that come in a pack of 20) to just blend it a bit, afterwards I get some of my L’Oreal Powder Foundation  & really set it – it gives me the perfect brightness under my eye & my blemishes are covered for literally the entire day… without a setting spray! 😱

Another thing I love to do with this concealer is shape up my brows! Yes, my BROWS! I use the same Real Techniques brush to draw around my entire eyebrow & then fade out the line (using the brush itself 🖌) – this gives me such an amazing eyebrow contour 💁 (did I just make that up? is this gonna become a thing guys? 👀) but by doing this my eyebrows look like they’ve just been threaded even though they haven’t for months! 🗓 Its also great in covering up fine hairs that I haven’t had time to pluck out yet! 😅 & whats even better is that the highlight I apply to the arch of my brow-bone just pops ✨ even more because of this!

You know how sometimes you have those days where you just don’t have the time ⏲ or just can’t be asked to wear foundation? Well this concealer is a god-send for those days 🙌 I find myself wearing it on its own a lot. If you have the right colour to match your skin tone you don’t really need to cover it up with foundation! …seeing as this concealer will have already covered up any blemishes & dark circles, making your skin looks so much clearer, in what 2 minutes?! 🙆 oh & btw guys this jar will last such a long time, I’ve had mine for ages now & it still looks completely full! – a little goes a long way

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this post! & let me know if you’ve tried this concealer too! …don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more cool posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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