The Best of Netflix 📺

Hey everyone 👋 since I spend around 65% of my week on Netflix (I know thats sounds so bad & unproductive 🙈) I thought why not share my favourite series 📺 with you guys! …so if any of you are stuck on what to switch to next, because you’re like me & continuously run out of things to watch, keep on reading to find out what I have been watching👇:

(p.s theyre not in any particular order, just how I remembered them)

  1. House of Cards 🙌 – THIS. SHOW. IS. THE. BEST. THING. ON. NETFLIX 🙌
  2. Orange is The New Black – I finally figured out what OITNB meant haha 😅 …I only started watching this last month & yes I have already finished every episode 💁- can’t wait for the next season to come out!
  3. The Killing – This show started of being very, very, very slow-paced… I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone though, so if you’re into crime/drama/thriller type stuff like me then you will enjoy it… it gets better. I promise 🤗
  4. Power – Not much to say about this show other than 50 produced it. Thats all the reason you need to start watching it… why you keep watching it could be another reason entirely 👀
  5. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – I was in the same room as someone when this show was being played, I instantly got addicted & had to go home to finish all seasons under 3 weeks. Maybe even 2 weeks 🤔. Who cares, the legendary Will Smith produced it & its got many life-lessons.
  6. The Big Bang Theory – Oh how I love this show, another extremely addictive one. Its just good one, & so easy to re-watch episodes without being bored!
  7. Luther 👌 I  L O V E  THIS. 💚 & I need more seasons ASAP. Pls make more seasons!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this post & let me know if you’ve watched any of these shows + what you thought about them!…don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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15 thoughts on “The Best of Netflix 📺

  1. Uhh, I want to see the Fresh Prince so bad. But unfortunately we don’t have it on netflix in The Netherlands. (uhh) I saw some pieces of OITNB, my mom watched it but it’s not really my thing. I’m more like a girl-drama-series-girl, haha. I hate action/horrer/creepy series or movies. I get nightmares so so quickly! xo

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    1. Oh no haha 😅 I guess Fresh Prince is the only one on my list that was suitable for you! 🙈 I saw Jane the Virgin on your list, I LOVE that show but I don’t watch it on netflix so I didnt include it in my list! Thanks for checking out my post anyways 💙

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