theBalm Cosmetics Wishlist

Hey everyone 👋 its Wednesday! which means tomorrow will be Thursday…so the week is nearly over EEK! – so close to chilling all day in our pjs on Saturday 💃 This post was originally supposed to be my make-up wishlist but then I realised I have sooooo many things in there from theBalm Cosmetics so I decided to separate my make-up wish lists into smaller wishlists that are brand orientated! So be ready to see some wish lists popping up here & there! But for now lets get started on 👉 theBalm Cosmetics.

First of all can I just say I absolutely love 😍 theBalm cosmetics, like if it wasn’t for their amazingly quirky, retro packaging I don’t think I would be AS interested in the actual make-up, because my initial admiration towards any cosmetic product is because of the packaging, only then I start to divulge how the product on the inside really is – I know… “don’t judge a book 📚 by its cover” & all that but c’mon we all do it 😶 Their packaging revolves around women empowerment 🙋 & theyre really good at thinking of play on words! Their shadows & blushes are talc-free and their products are also paraben-free & cruelty-free 🎉 – which I know some people really look for, well you don’t have to look any further because they have all these amazing products 👇

The eyes 👁👁


How amazing do those eyeshadow palettes look? 😍 I’ve checked out multiple youtube videos which show the looks that can be created using each of these palettes… I just can’t wait to create my own! I also came across these 2 mascaras which seem to promise the two things I want from my mascara… volume & separation so they’re definitely on my to-buy list!


The face 🙎



These highlighters ✨ are so well praised – almost like they were sent down by the Beauty Gods themselves! I can’t wait to try them out & this handy little trio collection is probably going to be my first purchase as I get to test out all 3 to see which one I prefer without having to buy all 3! 🙌


A girl can never have enough bronzers 💁, as you may know from my Hoola Bronzer post I absolutely love a sun/tan glow! So it only seems right to give these ones a go. I think Sexy Mama & Bahama Mama would be my favourite 💕 but Balm Desert caught my eye too as it seems to have a pinky/blush underglow… so if I was to ever buy a blush the Balm Desert would be a good way for me to start!

The lips 👄


Out of these I would wear “Committed” & maybe “Charming”


Out of these I would wear “Doting” & maybe “Honest”


Out of these I would wear “Sincere”


Out of these I would wear “Acute One” “I Really Dig You” & “Pineapple”

Guys can we just talk about how great they are at naming their products 👏 & the art on their packaging is really one of a kind!👌. I am so glad I wrote today’s post, its been great collecting all my favourite theBalm Cosmetics products into 1 handy list – with images, rather than having notes saved on my phone 📱 – like how boring is that! I know that next time I go on a spending spree 💸 my wishlist is right here on my blog (how handy) A win-win situation for all of us 😄.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post & please do let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, what you thought about them & if you would repurchase! I’d love to know 💙 . If you did enjoy reading my post then don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more posts! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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