SkinLovin’ Sundays – Intro

Hey guys 👋 I have some exciting news to share… from today, the first Sunday in March 🌸 I’m gonna be starting a series on my blog. I’ve wanted to start this series for a while now & this post has actually been sitting in my drafts folder for some time… But I also wanted to wait till I’m ready to fully commit to a weekly series, as I don’t want to be inconsistent. So I’ve had time to sit down & make a schedule planning my posts ahead 🗓 & I am sooo excited!

Oh & what do you guys think of the name? My high school english teacher will be proud for using alliteration right? haha 😅 I actually thought of a few different names but because I want this series to continue for years I really needed to make sure I’m completely happy with it. Thats why I decided to keep it simple & playing on from the categories in my blog I ended up choosing SkinLovin’ Sundays. The main reason for starting a series rather than just posting skincare related posts randomly is to help me become a bit more organised & so that you guys know what to expect from The Typical Beauty Blog on a Sunday!

The general theme of these blog posts will be skincare (obviously 🙄) but just to elaborate a little bit, I will talk about my skincare regime, tips & tricks for dealing with sensitive skin, acne, home remedies & basically just anything & everything related to my journey to flawless skin ✨ …I mean who doesn’t want great looking skin. I really believe that the better your skin is, the better your make-up 💄looks, as make-up needs a good base to work with… especially for those fleeky insta shots 📸 all over the beauty blogging pages!

Growing up I always took a greater interest in skincare than make-up, I think this is because I suffered from really bad acne throughout high school. I remember the doctors prescribing every antibiotic possible for my acne & at one point I was taking 4 pills 💊 a day just to treat it 😶… wow I’m so glad those days are over, but even though those days are long gone I’ve been left with reminders in the form of blemishes & scars 😞. So if you’re in a similar sort of situation, or you just want to look after your skin then keep an eye out for SkinLovin’ Sundays! as I’m gonna share every product, technique & tip with you guys!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading these posts & please do leave comments about any questions related to skincare or any tips that you have! I’d love to hear them & try out your tips too!… together we can all help each other look flawless! 💁. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more posts! 😁 I will be posting a SkinLovin’ post every Sunday. See you soon 🙏

Love, Kimmiee.


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