SkinLovin’ Sundays #1 | The benefits of Sudocrem

Hey guys 👋 welcome to the second post in my skincare series… although can I really call it a second post when the first post was just an intro hmm 🤔. Anyways  I was contemplating for the longest time whether I want to go cliche with this post & talk about water & how its important for the skin 💧(which it really is guys! I’m in no way downplaying the importance of drinking water 🙅) but then I thought I really want to share one of my favourite pimple-banishing tip with you guys which is… *drumroll* 👉 Sudocrem.


Yes! Thats right, Sudocrem – specifically their antiseptic healing cream 👶 Now I’m not sure if many of you actually know this, but this cream is a great to put over your pimples. It has like these magical properties ✨ which allow it to draw out the pus from inside the pimple as well as helping greatly with the redness accompanied by those feisty things. I actually found out about sudocrem from a friend of a friend 👯 back when I was 17 years old! …wait 🤔 I think it was when I was 16 years old… wow this tip has really stuck with me & now I’m passing it onto you guys!

Now, whilst carrying out some research for this post I found out that they actually mention using the cream for acne on their website! So what better proof is there than that? Who woulda thought ehh? A cream used on baby’s bottoms helps us with our acne! Sudocrem says this 👇:

The antiseptic healing cream is excellent for treating skin conditions such as acne as it helps to soothe and heal whilst protecting the affected area from further infection.

I always thought Sudocrem was just widely known as an ointment to prevent/treat nappy rash! But I guess not! Dare I say… I believe it’s the perfect rival for the hyped up Mario Badescu drying lotion but without the hefty price tag 💰 & without the endless celebrities flogging it! I guess this is the reason the beneficial properties of Sudocrem are not that well known! Let me just say though, I have never used the drying lotion, so I can’t really form an opinion on how fast it works & just how effective it is!

What I do know is how great Sudocrem is, so basically to use it all you have to do is use a cotton bud or your finger (whichever you prefer) to apply a bit of this ointment to cover the entire area of your pimple & you wait ⏱… I swear guys you don’t even have to wait a day, I feel like for me I start to feel like my pimple has reduced in redness/size after about 3 hours 🙌 & the pus is so close to the surface that the next time I wash my face the pimple just seems to wash off! Hooray! 🎉

So thats my #1 tip of the series… Sudocrem it up guys!

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Love, Kimmiee.


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