SkinLovin’ Sundays #2 | The link between acne & pillowcases

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another post in my blog series: SkinLovin’ Sundays. In these series I write about things exclusively related to skincare. I’m gonna try to not focus so much on a specific product but more on tips/advice in general. That being said in today’s post I wanna talk about pillowcases – say whaaa? 😯

Yes that’s right pillowcases, because if you didn’t already know, they can be one of the reasons you suffer from skin problems – especially acne 😰 who woulda thought ehh. Back when I was suffering from acne in my teens the doctor pointed out that its advisable to change my pillow covers at least 2 times a week 🗓 in order to keep my breakouts to a minimum. That being said I was also prescribed antibiotics, so the two really went hand-in-hand to keep my acne at bay!

Pillowcases can have a build-up of dirt over the days… just think about it 🤔 if you go to bed with hairspray or other products in your hair they rub off onto the fabric of the pillowcase & then essentially you’re rubbing this dirt on your face the entire night 😨 & If you suffer from acne, just think about how much oil/sebum builds up on the pillowcase. When the skin comes into contact with all this build-up of dirt & oil your acne/other skin problems will only become more aggravated as your pores will get clogged!

For some reason people tend to really overlook the importance of having a clean pillowcase, its good to set up a proper nighttime skincare routine & drink lots of water BUT  don’t neglect what your face goes through at night!

What steps can you take to keep your pillowcase free from oil & dirt?:

  1. Change them 2 times a week – Yep, 10 years later & I still do this!
  2. Wash your face – To keep your pillowcase clean in-between washes! The cleaner your face, the cleaner your pillowcase.
  3. Don’t use strong detergents – using strong laundry detergents can also aggravate sensitive skin.
  4. Keep your hair clean! – This is a big one guys, keeping your hair clean is very important! We put all sorts of things into our hair without realising that our hair frequently touches the skin on our face! 👎
  5. Anti-acne pillowcase – Now I didn’t know about these myself till I started writing the post 📝 but theres such a thing as anti-acne pillowcases (where were these during my teenage years 😒)

I’m not saying by doing all these things your acne will magically disappear 🙅…acne occurs for many reasons including genetic predispositions & stress but what I’m saying is by making these changes your skin will thank you! 🙏 So thats my #2 tip of the series… Is your pillowcase the reason you’re breaking out?

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Read the previous post in this blog series here: SkinLovin’ Sundays #1 – Sudocrem & Acne

Love, Kimmiee.


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