Review: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

Hey guys 👋 its so nice to finally have some consistent sunshine in London 🌞, the spring flowers are blooming 🌸 & looking gorgeous but it’s a bit chilly so don’t let the sun deceive ya! Anyhoo lets start with todays post, I have been wanting to write about the NYX colour correcting wand for the longest time but somehow never got round to it 🙈. I bought this product as part of my NYX Haul

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.13.41

Here’s a 📸 of the corrector from my Instagram , its actually one of the most liked photos which completely baffled me 😳 …let me just say a massive sorry to everyone that likes this corrector but I didn’t like it at all. Which is such a shame since I was excited to use it after seeing how many Youtube beauty bloggers love it 😔 I can’t believe its one of NYX’s best sellers, apparently its always out of stock as well, cause thats just how fast it flies off the shelves 😕 …Whyyy didn’t it work for me then?! 😫

For those of you who might not be familiar with NYX, its basically an incredibly affordable drugstore brand, its essentially high-street with the quality of higher-end make up (usually 🙄). They have a range of colour correctors & as you know each colour has its unique purpose which helps you achieve an overall flawless base. If you’re unsure about colour correcting you can find my post about it here

I opted for the green corrector as it targets redness, this is good for people who have sensitive skin, that tends to flare up… but I was left unimpressed 🙅 for some reason it makes my skin all white & it has a really drying formula. As soon as I apply this corrector it feels like I haven’t applied any moisturiser to my face for atleast a week 🗓, even though I literally just moisturise before starting my make-up routine! (p.s I’m loving the Vitamin-E Aqua Boost Sorbet 💧 from The Body Shop 😍).

On their website NYX states that:

This lightweight cover-up obscures imperfections and discolouration without looking cakey or obvious. The concentrated emollient-rich formula goes on like a dream and creates medium-to-heavy coverage.

First of all NYX this is not lightweight 👎, it did look cakey on me & definitely looked obvious as it turned my skin so white & flakey that even my favourite Concealer Jar had trouble concealing it ☹️ (surprisingly enough my favourite concealer is from NYX 😅). The only thing I could honestly agree with in this statement is that it provides medium-to-heavy coverage.

Moving on to the actual packaging, you know how beauty products have writing on them? …Well the writing on my wand has completely rubbed off! To the point that I actually didn’t know what the full name of the corrector was, I had to end up going to their website to search for the name 🔍 …No other beauty product has ever ‘melted’ on me like this before, I was actually confused as to where the black marks on my hands were coming from but eventually I started to see the writing on the wand disappearing & it all clicked 🙄

The only positive I can really think of is the wand itself, in particular the cushion at the end of the wand, its the one thing I liked because it applies the perfect amount of product in the exact precise area you want it 👌 & it feels soft & smooth on the skin, but overall I didn’t like this corrector because of the way it interacts with my skin. I really believe that the drying effect had something to do with the formulation of the corrector itself, as I don’t have any of these problems with the NYX Concealer Jar .

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Love, Kimmiee.


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    1. Awww thanks! That means a lot 💙 I really wanna be as honest and straightforward as I can with my writing and I’m glad you liked that & yeah it really sucked, I wanted to like it since I love their concealer jars so much, but it just didn’t sit well with my skin unfortunately 😞. Thanks for stopping by and reading 💙

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