SkinLovin’ Sundays #4 | All about hair removal!

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another SkinLovin’ Sundays post as part of my weekly blog series! For those of you who are new to The Typical Beauty Blog or those of you who don’t follow me… yet 😜 its basically a series which I started to focus exclusively on skincare. So if thats something which you fancy then make sure to check every Sunday 🗓. In these weekly posts I’m gonna try to focus less on products but more on techniques & tips for you guys… so let’s get started 👉Today’s topic is: “Hair removal – What’s all the fuzz” …get it? 😅 (I think I’m so cool 🙄)

Hair removal is quite a personal thing, its everyone’s choice whether they want to remove hair on any part of their bodies & no one can tell them otherwise 🙅 We all know about celebrities such as Miley Cyrus or Madonna 📸 showing off their armpit hair proudly & then there are celebrities like the Kardashians who express their love for laser. The important thing to remember is that no one should succumb to any type of pressure from society & just do whatever they want to do!

There are many ways that you can go about removing unwanted hair on your body… So lets get started 👇:

  1. Threading – I have been getting my eyebrows threaded since I was 12 & I don’t regret that one bit. Threading involves using a thread (would you have guessed that?😱) to basically remove your hair from the root. The effects last about 3 weeks.
  2. Waxing – I love getting waxed, theres something soothing about that strip being pulled back. Theres 2 kinds: Strip wax or Hot wax, I prefer strip waxing because I have quite a decent pain tolerance & love the way it feels. The effects last about 4 weeks
  3. Shaving – I feel like shaving should be a last resort… I ALWAYS end up with ingrown hairs all over my legs 😤. The effect last about 2/3 days.
  4. Epilating – I grew up epilating, it involves using a machine to remove hair from the roots, imagine 10 pluckers all working at once & yes you do feel each  i n d i v i d u a l  hair being pulled out. The effects last about 5/6 weeks.
  5. Depilatory Creams – I never got into these, I didn’t like the texture & smell but I guess they do leave your skin feeling smooth, you basically apply them, wait 5 mins ⏲ & then watch as the hair just lifts up & removes with the cream. I just bought a facial cream which I will share with you guys later ⏳.
  6. Laser – Probably the most effective form, this is where a light beam is used to prevent hair growth by destroying the entire follicle. I genuinely cannot wait to try out this method, the effects, once you have had enough treatments should last a lifetime? 🤔
  7. Electrolysis – I didn’t really know about this method but I did some research for y’all, this is where they use heat/chemicals to destroy hair follicles, via a needle.
  8. Sugaring – Once again I don’t know much about sugaring but it involves using sugar & a liquid-like medium, mixing them together & then rubbing it in the opposite direction to your hair growth. This method should remove hair from the root? 🤔 so the effects should be similar to waxing.
  9. Plucking – I wasn’t even gonna include this method in my post tbh, its such a overlooked form of hair removal, its just for those tiny, one-off pesky hairs. The effects last about 2/3 weeks.
  10. Medications – Another one I didn’t know about! There are pills which women with extreme facial hair growth can buy to slow it down/inhibit it! Which reminds me of the Deodorant I used.

Those are some ways you could remove the unwanted hair on your body, please do let me know in the comments if I missed out a method & let me know what your preferred method is! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁 Thankyou 💙

Love, Kimmiee.


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10 thoughts on “SkinLovin’ Sundays #4 | All about hair removal!

  1. It’s interesting how everyone is so different! I’d love to have everything waxed off for that same ‘clean’ feeling; but I have the opposite problem, one waxing and I get an irritated red bump in every pore!!! I’d love to have it all lazer removed too… but; that does not work on blonde/light hair! :(. Creams are worse than anything. 😭😭😭 I’m stuck shaving still.

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  2. I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded for a year or so and I totally love it! I’ve never actually tried waxing because I’m too scared, and I’ve heard that those creams can actually burn and hurt!! Shaving is pretty much my lazy way of hair removal. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Thankyou! And yes shaving is the lazy way, does it leave you with ingrown hairs too? I end up with these bumps all over my leg, then I end up picking at them & it just really isn’t worth it! Waxing feels so cleansing to me, feels like a dead layer of my skin gets peeled off with it 😅. I had no idea those creams burn 😱 yikes. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 💋

      Liked by 1 person

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