SkinLovin’ Sundays #7 | What’s your skin type?

SkinLovin' Sundays 7

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another SkinLovin’ Sundays post as part of my weekly blog series! For those of you who are new to The Typical Beauty Blog or those of you who don’t follow me… yet 😜 its basically a series which I started to focus exclusively on skincare. So if thats something which you fancy then make sure to check every Sunday 🗓. In these weekly posts I’m gonna try to focus less on products but more on techniques & tips for you guys… so let’s get started 👉Today’s topic is: “Skin Types

No two people are the same 🙅 everyone is unique & so is their skin, but its really important for everyone to know what type of skin category they fall closest to. I personally don’t think you can class someone as falling exactly into one type of category, as I believe that my own skin type changes so much throughout the ❄️ seasons 🌞 & therefore I’m always having to buy different types of products for different months.

Todays post is to outline the main characteristics associated with each skin type & a brief list of causes in order to help anyone who is unsure of what their skin type is. In the long run this should also help you effectively look after & take care of your skin. So without further ado:

Skin Types Table

This is the first table I’ve had to make for a very long time haha, felt like I was back at school, I made it on powerpoint but for some reason once I converted it to a Jpeg its seems to have gone like blurry/faded? not exactly sure why 😕. If any of you would like to share your tips on table-making with me then please help a girl out via commenting ☺️. I hope that this blurry table has been useful to some of you in order to help identify what skin type you fit closest to & hopefully this will make shopping for skincare products easier! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁 Thankyou 💙

Love, Kimmiee.


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22 thoughts on “SkinLovin’ Sundays #7 | What’s your skin type?

  1. Great post! I loved the use of the table🙌 very useful! I have combination skin which gets dry around the nose – even after applying moisturiser.

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  2. I don’t even know what type my skin is honestly! I’m somehow both oily and dry in my T-Zone…but I do know that I have sensitive skin and it’s awful! It’s so hard to try out new makeup or skincare products!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no that sounds a nightmare! Do you have to buy products that are unfragranced? Cause perfumed products can also aggravate sensitive skin can’t they? Maybe you get dry skin in your t-zone from specific products you might be using? Like it could be your skin reacting? Thanks for stopping by and reading! Xx

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