Award: One Lovely Blog

Hey guys 👋 this is my very first “One Lovely Blog” award so I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Huda for nominating me for this award! For those of you who don’t follow her blog yet, get following! Cause she posts everything from make-up looks to beauty products & much more! P.S Sorry it took me a little while getting round to doing this post for you! 🙈 but here goes…

…actually before I start for any of you that might be unfamiliar with blog awards 🏅 & why we do them, its basically to help support each other & I guess they almost sort of creates a thread where lots of people check out each others blogs so its all really good fun, however there are some rules we have to follow which are 👇:

Lovely Blog Award Rules

So let me just jump straight into it!

7 facts about myself:

  1. I love to be by the seaside 🌊
  2. I can’t stand nail filing, I just can’t. It feels like someone is scratching my spine with a knife. Ugh 😲
  3. I’m very opinionated 🗣
  4. I can’t entertain anything that I don’t want to in other words I can’t be fake with ya 🙅
  5. I love the vibe grime has 🎵
  6. I wear random nail colours… right now I have white on my fingernails 💅 & yellow on my toenails.
  7. Dutch is my first language but I’ve completely lost my accent 🇳🇱

I nominate:

  1. Lauren
  2. All The Jazz
  3. Louise
  4. Sarah
  5. The Zinful Blonde

Looking forward to read your facts guys, make sure to let me know in the comments 👇 when you’ve written your post 💙 & I hope you’ve enjoyed reading mine, if you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁




Instagram: thetypicalbeautyblog

Twitter: TheTypicalBBlog

Pinterest: thetypicalbeautyblog

25 thoughts on “Award: One Lovely Blog

  1. Ah this is such a cute idea, I remember the little blog awards similar to this one that used to go round when I first started blogging. It’s a really nice way to support other blogs and also a great way to share some more personal facts about yourself x

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    1. Hahah I’m actually so glad to see how many people get me with the nail filing thing! I don’t get how so many people just casually file their nails all the time, wish I was like that! Literally have to cut my nails anytime I get a little chip 😤 thanks for stopping by & reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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