SkinLovin’ Sundays #11 | Maintaining a skincare regime

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another SkinLovin’ Sundays post as part of my weekly blog series! For those of you who are new to The Typical Beauty Blog or those of you who don’t follow me… yet 😜 its basically a series which I started to focus exclusively on skincare. So if thats something which you fancy then make sure to check every Sunday 🗓. In these weekly posts I’m gonna try to focus less on products & more on techniques & tips for you guys… so let’s get started 👉 Today’s topic is: “Maintaining a skincare regime

Let me just put this out here at the start 💁 todays post is largely based on my personal experience… over the years I’ve realised just how important it is to MAINTAIN a skincare regime, by this I mean not just STARTING a routine but sticking to it for at least 6 months 🗓 Like many things in life we have to realise that as much as we want to improve our physical & mental wellbeing no results are instant & things take time ⏲… skincare is the same!

Dedicating ourselves to a skincare regime is extremely important & REWARDING 🙌 if we want to have supple, healthy & youthful skin, there are some products which should be a staple in everyones skincare regime regardless of their age. I personally believe that you’re never too young 👶 to use anti-ageing skincare products but I fully understand that throughout some stages of our life using anti-ageing products are probably not the first port of call. I thought it might be useful to talk about some of my important skincare categories with you guys so here goes in no particular order (just how I remembered them) 👇:

  1. Serum – these work to improve the skins texture & complexion as they’re made up of smaller molecules with a much higher concentration of active ingredients in comparisons to moisturisers & lotions.
  2. Moisturiser/lotions – these are used to provide hydration to the skins surface, the molecules are slightly bigger than those in a serum & therefore don’t penetrate into the skins pores as well. However they provide protection from environmental factors & help the skins surface repair & heal.
  3. Eye cream 👁👁 – these are SO important! The eyes are one of the first areas which will show any signs of ageing 👵🏻 as they wrinkle really fast! Crows feet sink in further & skin gets saggy over time. To MINIMISE the signs of ageing its so important to care for the delicate eye area specifically.
  4. Face mask – these are so good, I feel like I can see the effects of a face mask instantly after use, they’re literally magic ✨ (as far as magic can be considered “real”). Face masks are especially good for targeted skincare e.g. for minimising pores, reduce excess oils & healing blemishes.
  5. Face wash 💦 – these are a basic item whenever we think about skincare right? but its so important to make sure were using the right facewash which BALANCES our face. Its so easy to use products which either strip our skin too much or not enough. Therefore its so important to make sure we reach a balance whether we have oily/combination skin. Find out your skin type here SkinLovin’ Sundays #7
  6. Skin oils – these are really good for application overnight, sometimes overnight the skin can lose its moisture & hydration. I feel like whenever I apply a facial oil before sleeping my skin looks so fresh & soft in the morning & theyre especially good for scarring! Read about My favourite facial oil here
  7. Toners – I have to say I don’t use these as often as I maybe should & they are definitely an overlooked step in my skincare regime, but toners are great for removing dirt which was clogged in your pores even after using a face wash 💦
  8. Lip balm 💄- these are so important, sometimes lips can be overlooked in terms of skincare & then we wonder why our liquid lipsticks done go on as smoothly as they do on all those instagram videos! CARE for your LIPS gals 👄
  9. Face scrub – these have had some negative press recently, but I still like to use a face scrub every now & then. I avoid the ones with blue microbeads in them but I don’t know if the Apricot scrub from St.Ives is one of those that are bad for our skin or not… personally my skin likes it as it helps get rid of dry patches whilst balancing out the oily areas 👍

Those are all the important categories of skincare products which I could think of, I hope I haven’t missed out on any 🙈 Do let me know which products are a must have in your skincare regime in the comments below 👇 & I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, if you did then please don’t forget to click ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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