Tiny Tea Teatox 🍵

Hey guys 👋 ITS HERE 😱 I’m talking about my review of the Tiny Tea Teatox 🍵 , when I posted pictures of my teacup drinking the herbal stuff on Instagram & Twitter a few people commented saying they can’t wait to read my review. I have to say that this wasn’t the first time I was drinking the teatox, as I initially bought back in summer 2014 🗓 (if I remember correctly 🤔), even though I had already tried & tested the teatox previously I wanted to try it again before writing my thoughts on it now. That being said I have just completed the 28 day teatox & I’m ready to share them with you guys 👇


I know I really should have taken pictures 📸 of the box before I actually started drinking it *oopsie* but this is what it looks like. The fact that they have individual packaged teabags made life so much easier in comparison to the loose tea leaves of Fit Tea, which I had to use a strainer for. Although the packaging is of GOOD quality I did have a small problem, in one of my boxes a few of the actual teabags got stuck in-between the fold of the packaging (does this make sense? 🤔) & so when I opened the packaging the teabag would split & drop the nutritious herbs 😭 I contacted Your Tea in regards to this & they were incredibly amazing with their IMMEDIATE response & sent me out another box. I haven’t had that problem again & this was back in 2014 so it was probably just a one-off faulty box.

I have to clear up one misconception that a lot of my friends & family have in regards to a teatox 🍵 many people think that it some magic potion ✨ which you drink for a day & then become half the person you are (size/weight wise) THIS IS NOT TRUE! A teatox is basically a method of detoxing… using tea. Get it? So clever right? TEA-TOX (ok yeah I get excited easily). We all know that detoxing is great for the body from time-to-time & here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Flushing toxins out of your body
  • Clearing up skin in the process
  • Allowing your vital organs to rest & recover
  • Weight-loss in terms of changing your eating habits/mindset
  • Allowing your immune system to become stronger, by allowing your body to rest & recuperate
  • Supporting & increasing liver function (the liver neutralises toxins)

These are the general benefits of detoxing & what better way to detox than using a TeaTox am I right 😏 A teatox is very similar but in this case you are basically “clean eating” & drinking cups of tea alongside. In this teatox specifically you drink your cuppa 30 mins prior to any meal, which is said to help with the digestion process of the meal as you’re essentially kickstarting you’re metabolism.

Now my first thoughts when I started drinking the tea again was “why did I ever stop!?” but it was probably cause of uni 🙄 I suppose its a bit more challenging waking up, drinking this tea & then waiting 30 minutes ⏲ before eating breakfast, especially if you’re running late for lectures 😅… but honestly drinking this tea feels so good & it helps a great deal with achieving a “flatter” tummy. You know them ones when its like your tummy sort of sinks in?… the opposite of bloating basically 👌. They state this tea will:

Cleanse and nourish the digestive system, leaving you feeling less bloated and help you reach your physical and mental peak!

I have to say it really DOES help with bloating 💯… a bloated tummy is a thing of the past, its also a great alternative to coffee ☕️ I find myself not wanting to drink coffee in the mornings when I’m on this detox as I’ve had my Tiny Tea which gives me enough energy. Whilst drinking this it also feels like my insides are stripped off any excess rubbish that was just hanging around & I feel so much “cleaner” from the inside… I’m sorry for any graphic images you’re having right now 😂 haha. Clean eating is a must, I wouldn’t recommend drinking this tea 30mins before KFC, cause you probably won’t see any difference, if you do let me know! If you follow my Twitter you’ll know that I started my clean eating by cutting out all takeaways, chocolates, ice creams etc… but its when I started drinking tiny tea that I felt like all the rubbish was finally leaving my body 🙌

Sorry if this post is getting a bit long guys! But I’ll finish off with this, I had & currently am having a really good experience with Tiny Tea & its definitely a teatox that I will be doing again & again. It just makes me feel less bloated, happier, more energetic & its so great in helping me re-establish a healthy relationship with food! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, if you did then please don’t forget to click ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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13 thoughts on “Tiny Tea Teatox 🍵

    1. That sounds like a terrible experience, was it a brand that selling in the U.K? if so thats horrible! I have done this teatox many times & have had a great experience each time, thank god! Thank you for reading xx


  1. Ooh this sounds absolutely amazing! I haven’t heard of this brand before but it sounds really good. I’m so bad for eating unhealthy but I’m really trying (and failing haha) to eat better. I might have to give the teatox a go! Btw I LOVE the pun haha xx

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    1. Haha you know 😉 whenever I succumb to eating unhealthy I really GO IN HARD & then I have my moments where I’m like no clean eating is the way to be, tbh I feel a lot better in myself when I am putting nutritious things into my body, but sometimes its just hard to keep it up right? I find that teatoxes help with cravings too! Thanks for stopping by & reading xx

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