SkinLovin’ Sundays – A look back #2

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another SkinLovin’ Sundays post as part of my weekly blog series! For those of you who are new to The Typical Beauty Blog or those of you who don’t follow me… yet 😜 its basically a series which I started to focus exclusively on skincare. So if thats something which you fancy then make sure to check every Sunday 🗓. In these weekly posts I’m gonna try to focus less on products but more on techniques & tips for you guys, but todays post is slightly different as I wanna take a look back through the the previous topics so let’s get started 👇

  1. SkinLovin’ Sundays #7 – Learn all about the characteristic & causes of different skin-types.
  2. SkinLovin’ Sundays #8 – Always wondered what causes uneven skin-tone? Find out now!
  3. SkinLovin’ Sundays #9 – Just how important is sleep for WRINKLE-FREE, youthful & glowing skin?
  4. SkinLovin’ Sundays #10 – Find out how much is too much in terms of exfoliating the skin.
  5. SkinLovin’ Sundays #11 – The importance of maintaining a skincare regime & the MUST-have items in your routine.
  6. SkinLovin’ Sundays #12 – Read about how water helps flush out toxins, rejuvenate the skin & the effects of hard water.

So, that was my look back through last 6 weeks 🗓 worth of skincare posts, if you (accidentally 😜) missed one then now is a great time to catch up , also if you have any topic suggestions you would like me to cover then do let me know in the comments! Before I end this post I just wanna say that to me the blogosphere 🌎 is all about supporting each other, so feel free to leave your blog links below too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking back with me… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁 Thankyou 💙

Love, Kimmiee.


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Read the previous post in the blog series here: SkinLovin’ Sundays #12 – The benefits of water

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