I’m on Pinterest 

Hey guys 👋  I just wanted to take the time to write a very small post, seeing as I did one for when I joined Instagram 📸 & Twitter 🐦 I thought why not write one to let you guys know I’m now on Pinterest YAY! Please take some time to check out/follow my Pinterest & I’ll be sure to follow back! If you’ve read my 100 followers 😍 & 200 followers 😍 posts you’ll know that joining Pinterest was one of my blogging goals in both of them, so thats one to tick off my list ✔️ P.S if you’re looking for some motivational goals for your blog in terms of blog growth & general tips make sure to check out those two posts👆

If anyone has any tips/advice/recommendations in terms of how to use Pinterest let me know 💋 Any help is appreciated. Check out my Pinterest here

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Instagram: thetypicalbeautyblog

Twitter: TheTypicalBBlog

Pinterest: thetypicalbeautyblog

The header image is obtained from here

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