Five months down ✔️ 7 to go

Hey guys 👋 were halfway through the year, can you believe it?! It seems to have become a pattern of mine to post these “new month” posts halfway through the month, rather than at the start oopsie 🙈 (I’m still working on a few things, sorry!) but nevertheless its June, which means its my birthday month next 🎉 yay! I hope you’ve all had a lovely June so far, this weather has been the hottest I can remember it being in a long time🌞 its been crazy cause just last month in my May post I was complaining about the chilly weather 😅

The Blogosphere

At the moment I’m focusing on a lot of things & even though they may not always be about publishing a post a lot of hard work goes into the actual maintenance of a blog 💻 I can honestly say I’m still learning something new everyday. I’m always trying to read posts to educate myself on the “behind the scenes” of blogging & I’ve been writing my tips & tricks into a diary too! …which I will be releasing eventually so stay tuned 😏. I think a lot of people have misconceptions about bloggers just receiving lots of awesome stuff from PR companies & making a living by doing so! I can say thats not the case at all!

Bloggers IRL (in real life)

Blogging honestly takes so much time & dedication 💪 its something which doesn’t turn off because it isn’t a 9-5 job where you’re only thinking of blog-related things during certain hours ⏰ its pretty much a non-stop thing! Whilst at home I find myself constantly being inspired for new post ideas & I use a notebook to write all these down ✍️ as for when I’m on the go I use my phone 📱 cause you never know when inspiration strikes! I personally tend to find a lot when I’m outside… especially near a beach 🌊 head over to my Instagram to check out what I mean!

Love & Support

Before I finish off I just wanna say a HUGE thank you 💕 to everyone who has taken the time to follow, like & comment on my posts! It means a lot 💙 & I can’t wait to interact with you guys over my Pinterest account which I just launched woohoo (hopefully I figure out how to work it soon 😁)

Onto June, an even better month.

Love, Kimmiee.


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