Six months down ✔️ 6 to go

Hey guys 👋 I’m actually quite proud of myself for getting this post up in the first 2 weeks of July 🗓 aha its the little things in life isn’t it? Usually I get these posts up quite late but seeing as its my BIRTHDAY month 💃 & therefore the best month of the year its only right I get this post up on time… well a decent time 😅  I hope everyone is having a lovely sunshine filled July so far. We’ve been having some amazing weather down here but at times it gets too humid 😵 OH MY GOSH I just remembered, theres ice-cream in the freezer! BRB guys 🍦

Gimme all the ice creams!

OK. I’ve got my ice-cream at the ready… if you’ve been reading my Twitter 🐦 you’ll know that I’m loving Mint Choc Chip ice-cream, I mean theres something just so refreshing about mint in the summer! Who else agrees with me? Let me know down below 👇. Its quite weird tbh cause I’m not a fan of mint in general like I would never order a mint tea or even a peppermint tea🍵 …& no I don’t know if they’re the same thing or not 🙈. Tesco also does these really nice milk ice lollies that are bubblegum & marshmallow flavoured & they just remind me of my FAVOURITE fizzy candy, the blue & pink bottles, if you’re unsure which candy I’m talking about check out a pic posted on my Instagram

Summer favourites

Talking about favourites I recently came across the New Look website & found some awesome things! Check out my wishlist here if you want, I ended up buying a few of the nail polishes 💅  I mentioned in my wish-list which include: Nude, Nude Rose, Latte & Dusty Pink, make sure to check out my list to see what colour they are. I also picked up the gorgeous pink travel mirror which I just know is gonna be extremely handy. I wanted to pick up some lippies 💄 but there just weren’t any there & the whole lipstick area just seemed a right mess (I hate it when beauty counters are a mess 😔 its so hard to find anything). I managed to swatch Latte on my palm & fell in LOVE with the shade!

If money wasn’t an issue

Guys, I came across this site called NORDSTROM (am I spelling that right?) I think its an american shop 🇺🇸 & I decided to just have a look, I have this thing where I love scrolling through pages & pages of clothes, handbags, shoes… etc just to have a look at whats out there & gather inspiration… ya know what I mean? Do any of you do this? 🤔 Well I came across this website & oh my DAYS some of the items cost a few thousand dollars 💵 😱…how absolutely crazy. Would anyone be interested in seeing some of the things I took a liking to? 🤔 if YES then comment down below

Support & love

Before I finish off this post I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to everyone for ALWAYS showing my posts so much love 💕 & following my blog. It means a lot to me that my dreams are slowly but SURELY coming true. My current social media GOALS are to reach a 1,000 followers on Instagram 📸  & Twitter by the end of my Birthday Month 🎁 Could you help me reach my goal? I’ll be following back (just comment to let me know you’re from WordPress). ALSO I got my first email subscribers this month 😍

Onto July, an even better month.

Love, Kimmiee.


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25 thoughts on “Six months down ✔️ 6 to go

    1. Haha its weird I shop there a lot less than what I used to back in my teens! But when I came across this beauty range I just had to buy it all! I actually ended up getting EVERYTHING in this wishlist hahah xx


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