Hey guys 👋 I am SO SO happy that during my birthday month🎁, which if you didnt know was July, I reached 400 followers 😱. Do you know what that means? A whole 400 of you actually followed my blog, like my actual blog! Not a combination of my social media platforms 🙅 but purely just my blog! That means so much to me, so THANK-YOU. If you’ve been keeping up to date with my posts you’ll know that I like to commemorate each milestone by writing a post about which goals I may have achieved, which ones I still need to & I sometimes set myself some new ones!

Why set goals?

I find that writing out goals makes them more attainable as it creates a clearer picture in my head of where I stand at that moment in time. That being said most of my goals revolve around blog growth 📈 & I have been able to tick off ✔️ quite a few over the past couple months in terms of my social media! For those of you who may not be following them they are Twitter 🐦, Instagram 📸, Pinterest I also have a Google+ but I still need to set that up, which is something I’m hoping to do before the end of this month! 🙏 BTW did you know I reached a 1000 twitter followers in July 😱

Thank-you for ALL the support

The support I receive especially in my comments & on twitter means so much to me, it really makes me want to continue writing blog posts & seeing how many of you actually like reading my content & watching that number grow month after month 🗓 is just insane. Nothing really compares to seeing something you work on so hard come to fruition 🙌 I still remember my very FIRST blog post: FIRST POST …yikes😰 & just how nervous I was writing that, it was such a surreal thing to do sitting there, typing 💻 to an audience which I didn’t even know was there… or would EVER be there.

The goals

From my 100 followers 😍 post:

  1. Join Twitter 🐦 – ✔️ I joined in Mid-February & have reached a 1000 FOLLOWERS 😍 If you don’t follow me yet, you totally should! Check me out here. I’ll eventually write a post about how I grew my twitter (stay tuned ⏳)
  2. Start Youtube – ✖️ Like I mentioned in my 200 followers 😍 post its still way too soon for me to think about youtube as of yet
  3. Join Pinterest – ✔️ I’ve done it guys! Check me out here for some serious home decor inspiration & PASTEL DREAMS 💕

From my 200 followers 😍 post:

  1. Post daily on Instagram – ✔️ This seems to be something I either do for a week straight, or don’t get time to do at all 👎 I seriously need to set up an automated/scheduled instagram-posting thing & YES they do exist!
  2. Publish 5 posts a week – ✖️ I seriously just need to start editing out my drafts! I have so many rough copies of posts but I’m not pleased with them & I don’t really wanna rush my content 🙈

From my 300 Followers 😍 post:

  1. Set up Google+ – I’ve set it up somewhat, but I want to personalise my URL. Does anyone know how to do this? Please help a blogger out & let me know in the comments 👇
  2. Schedule tweets – I still need to set up a link scheduler, obvs I don’t wanna schedule normal everyday tweets, but I’ve heard setting up a hourly link drop helps with blog traffic!

I think seeing as I still have a few goals to achieve from my previous posts I won’t write out any new ones in this post as I want to make things as realistically achievable as I can & I feel like I need to get my previous ones ticked off before I continue to give myself new goals! So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, if you did then please don’t forget to click ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


Lets connect ✨

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