SkinLovin’ Sundays #17 | All about dry lips! 👄

SkinLovin' Sundays 17

Hey guys 👋 welcome back to another SkinLovin’ Sundays post as part of my weekly blog series! For those of you who are new to The Typical Beauty Blog or those of you who don’t follow me… yet 😜 its basically a series which I started to focus exclusively on skincare. So if thats something which you fancy then make sure to check every Sunday 🗓. In these weekly posts I’m gonna try to focus less on products & more on techniques & tips for you guys… so let’s get started 👉 Today’s topic is: “ Dry Lips 👄 ”

What causes dry lips?

The first thing to think about when trying to battle dry lips is to really think about how much water you drink throughout the day 💦 Every skincare junkie will promote water more than ANY other product they use & thats for a very good reason, as nothing beats staying hydrated ESPECIALLY in the summer 🌞 Apparently the lips are the one place on your skins surface area where people lose the most amount of moisture (does that sentence even make sense, I don’t really know how else to write it 🙈 ) but can you believe that? I had no idea!


To retain hydration levels in your lips its so important to use a lip balm which really locks in the moisture & the best ones to use are ones that contain Beeswax 🐝 or petroleum jelly (I think tins of vaseline contain petroleum jelly 🤔 ) I prefer using lip balms containing Beeswax & I’m currently using & LOVING the Burts Bees Lip balm which is ah-maaazing 🙌 The reason why beeswax works so well on dry, chapped lips is because it has anti-inflammatory ingredients which are great for when you feel like your lips are at the point of no return! 👌 I’m personally not a fan of those tins of vaseline as I don’t like sticking my fingers in a tub 👆 & re-using it (so purely just for hygiene reasons 😷 )

Do NOT peel!

This is one I really struggle with myself & I really need to listen to my own advice 🙈 or well back in the days I really should have as I loveD peeling my flaky chapped lips before I started using the Burts Bees Lip Balm. There was something just so satisfying about yanking that dry piece of skin… & then immediately regretting it as I’d peeled far too much & ended up bleeding 😲  So, to look after your extremely dry, chapped lips remember to NOT peel them 🙅 as that makes the recovery process longer ⏲, to DRINK lots of water to maintain hydrated & to apply a petroleum jelly or beeswax lip balm!

Lips need SPF too!

Before I finish of this post I just wanna add that your lips are part of your skin & therefore just as important it is to protect the rest of your body against the sun’s harmful rays ☀️ its also important to protect your lips & yes SPF lip balms are a thing & a very important thing if you want soft, supple & moisturised lips. I hope this post has been interesting & that you’ve enjoyed reading it, if you did then please don’t forget to click ‘like’ down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁

Love, Kimmiee.


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37 thoughts on “SkinLovin’ Sundays #17 | All about dry lips! 👄

  1. I kept having reactions on my lips which I saw a dermotologist about it left my lips soo painfully cracked and dry and they actually said that petroleum jelly is the best thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post and I’ll be sure to check out your blog too! I struggle drinking a good amount of water everyday too! Need to get with it but constantly having to piss is annoying! I wish they had SPF in every foundation cause it’s such a hassle to apply spf separately! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I have really good experience with Korean ones 🙂 Ones of the is from a brand named 3W Clinic, it’s like a gray tube. There’s also an asian version, maybe japanese, of a Biore sunscreen which is really nice.

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