Seven months down ✔️ 5 to go

Hey guys 👋 I hope you’ve all had a lovely month… so many things have been happening in terms of social media platforms & I’ve been reaching some amazing milestones 🙌 which I am so thankful of everyone for 💕 but I don’t know what’s going on in the Twitter-sphere this month cause a LOT of things have just been popping up, which could have easily have been avoided 😔 All the things that have been happening are just making me think that everyone should just be KINDER whether it is to themselves, to one another or to anything & everything on this earth 🌍… It never hurts to be a genuine & kind person.

“We’re born to love & taught to hate”

I know this quote has been floating around the social platforms for a long time now & I think its just so relevant in the world we live in today… that being said I want to focus on the positives as positivity breeds positivity ✨ so lets just all stay in our lanes & focus on bettering ourselves right? 😊 I can’t believe how fast August has flown by, seeing everyone tweeting about their A-level results & whether they got into university or not made me wanna go back a couple years & start uni all over again 😅 Its honestly such an amazing experience & getting into your first choice of uni is just such a proud feeling ☺️ so WELL DONE to everyone!

Talk things into existence

That being said not everyone wants to go to uni & theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, another thing about being in the world we live in today its extremely hard for new graduates to get their foot in the career ladder & you hear so much about graduates being unemployed… so I totally get why going uni would seem like a waste of time for some. In my eyes as long as someone has the drive, the motivation to achieve something in their life thats all that matters. I also love the idea of talking things into your existence, like making things happen by believing you can achieve them

August, make it count 🙏

Love, Kimmiee.


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