Eight months down ✔️ 4 to go

The Typical Beauty Blog September Post

Hey everyone 👋 I’m back again with a monthly post 🗓 Its September & it feels so strange not moving out to go back to university! I’m sure so many of you feel the same way, September is that month where a students year really starts, forget New Years & all of that September has always been the month where its felt like a new start. Its perfect with those crisp mornings & leaves that gather around on the footpaths 🍂 …ok I need to stop cause I’m genuinely just drifting away on these feels haha

Back to school 📚

For those of you who are making your way back to uni, starting sixth form or even if its your first day of high school I just wanna say GOODLUCK 🙏 I hope you have a great time & make sure to set time ⏰ apart for yourself too. Its so important to focus on your health & wellbeing, ESPECIALLY if you’re moving away from your hometown for the first time. Make sure to just relax & take a breather from time to time, you’ll do great & you WILL honestly meet the best bunch of people …ALWAYS know that you have people to talk to & you’re never alone 💞.

I received blogger mail 📬

OH.MY.GOSH – guys how do I tell you of my excitement? LIKE a company actually reached out to me & said they were happy to send me a few products 😱 I can’t wait to try them out & share them with you guys… so keep your eyes open 👁👁 I honestly feel so proud of myself for reaching this point in my blogging journey & just wanna thank ALL of you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, sharing & loving my posts 🙏 Blogging has honestly been such a LEARNING curve I feel like I’m learning something new almost every day.

September, make it count 🙏

Love, Kimmiee.


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22 thoughts on “Eight months down ✔️ 4 to go

  1. I love your positive energy! your blogposts are very informative and a joy to read I love September not only because it’s my birthday month but it’s a month of new beginnings and I truly hope onwards more great opportunities will come your way xx

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    1. Haha yeah the evenings are definitely getting cosier, I just wanna sit in Costa & watch the world go by! I feel like costa is so much cosier than starbucks for people watching, whereas starbucks is my fav! & as you can see september revolves around hot drinks for me! I can’t wait for xmas drinks 😱😍 xx


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