25 things I CANT stand 😤

The Typical Beauty Blog 25 things I cant stand

Hey guys 👋 I’m back again with another blogpost woohoo 💃 I’m like on a blogging roll atm & I hope it doesn’t end haha 😅 Today’s post is gonna be slightly different to my usual beauty post as I’m gonna be talking all about my pet peeves… things I just absolutely cannot stand. That being said I’m sure I have some annoying habits which could get on someone else nerves but thats life! Lets get right to it! 👇

  1. LOUD chewing 🙃 – like why do it
  2. Constantly shaking your leg up & down – I know you’re frustrated but go do that somewhere else 🙄
  3. Loud breathing ok I realise this sounds bad, but unless you’ve got a blocked nose breathing that sounds like a turbo fan is SO frickin annoying! Especially when I’m tryna concentrate
  4. Clicking your pen – this really pi**es me off when I’m trying to read & all you hear is the person next to you clicking away
  5. Nails on a chalkboard a chill actually went down my spine as I wrote this 😲 I can’t shake the feeling now ugh
  6. Not letting people off the tube You know those really arrogant people that stand directly infront of the tube doors, making it impossible for anyone to get off?!
  7. SNEEZING on public transport 😷  this is only okay if you COVER your mouth. Don’t sneeze/cough/do anything else that will spread your germs around in a confined environment unless you cover your mouth & catch your own damn germs.
  8. Parking like an idiot – I mean how hard is it to stay within the lines of your bay
  9. Rudeness to waiters/waitresses I absolutely can’t stand this 🙅 just because they’re serving food & drink doesn’t mean its a chance to look down on them. If anything it shows people your upbringing rather than theirs.
  10. Personal space invaders – Some people just don’t get the idea of personal space, no you can’t touch my face, hair, or clothes. I don’t care if were friends just like ✋…okay
  11. Nail Clipping… in public – this should only really be done in the privacy of your own home, not on public transport, not on a public bench & not in your office
  12. Slooooooooow Walkers 🐢 I fully get you’re enjoying you’re little stroll & I’m all for that, take in the moment …but don’t use up the ENTIRE footpath!
  13. Selfish shoppers – People on a travelator that stop with their trolley right in the middle making it IMPOSSIBLE to pass
  14. Rude Employees – that give off strong vibes they hate their job – you make our customer experience shit & don’t sigh cause I ask you to do you job! 😤
  15. Ppl who tlk lyk dis its such a disgrace to the english language!
  16. Ungrateful drivers 🚗💨 – like what makes you think you don’t need to thank me if I give you way?
  17. People that don’t listen attentively  when you’re talking away about a story/something that happened & people just nod… but when you ask them something they have no clue!
  18. People that arnt straight up about what they want, their feelings etc
  19. Girls who turn on a tap/handdryer just to urinate – like we all use the loo, why would you feel embarrassed?
  20. People who think they’re prestige Like no 🖕 let me bring you down to earth.
  21. Blame game – people that have a reason/excuse to blame everything wrong with their life on others! NO its your life, you make your decisions. Get over yourself.
  22. Parents that don’t control their kids – just cause your not in your own home & shopping or even worse you’re at someone else home it doesn’t give you a free pass to stop parenting 😕
  23. TOILETS that are just outright skanky 🚽 – how do they get like that?!
  24. People that don’t take the hint – If I’m avoiding eye contact because I’m reading 📚 texting, doing something else then please get the hint.. stop telling me your story & M O V E along
  25. Airplane seat recliners ✈️ – tbh these just shouldn’t exist.

So those are all the things which annoy the shit out of me BUT at the end of the day even if something is annoying me I believe in “live & let live” so as long as I’m not being physically harmed or someone is going out of their way to piss me off then I’ll deal with it. Everyone has a right to live their life how they want & just like that I’m also allowed to get annoyed at stup*d habits. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post… If you did then please don’t forget to ‘like’ the post down below 👇 & follow me for more! 😁 Thankyou 💙

Love, Kimmiee.


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41 thoughts on “25 things I CANT stand 😤

  1. I think what bothers me the most is how disgusting public bathrooms are. It shames women as a whole because no one should be leaving behind things we don’t want to see!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah loud breathing is so FRICKIN annoying! Especially when you’re in the library trying to study (partly because I probably tried to focus on everything other than my revision notes, so even the quietest breathing would annoy me hahaha) Thanks for reading! xx


  2. Omg I love your post lol #3 is called Mouth Breathing … But i’m there with you most of these are my pet peeves too. Except people who cut their nails in public (WHAT!!? Thankfully i’ve never experienced this) and I’ve never known anyone to turn on air dryer so they couldn’t be heard peeing lol

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  3. I can’t stop laughing, are you my twin? as I can relate to a lot of the points raised especially nail clipping ! I caught someone at work doing this to his feet!! …. and as for people who walk slowly and take up the whole pavement, they really need to disappear!
    Fantastic post lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha!!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post & it’s crazy how alike we are 😅 He was clipping his nails at work ugh 😷 that’s so nasty! Why do people do these kind of things in public! Imagine I saw a lady doing it on the bus… like hello those clippings could fly and hit someone in the face 😷. Thanks so much for reading hon 💙

      Liked by 1 person

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