10 MUST-have makeup brushes 🖌

Hey guys 👋 how are we all today? I’m currently sitting on my bed listening to Capital XTRA, but whats new there 🙄… I was flicking through my diary 📓 when a loose sheet fell out of it. A sheet in which I had written a list of makeup brushes, so I thought why keep a loose sheet that, knowing me I would probably misplace 🙈, when I could just write a blogpost on them & share them with you guys too?! So these are the TOP 10 must-have brushes which everyone should have in their basic kit (in my eyes). I think these brushes cover EVERY base & would be great for an experienced MUA or a starter alike.


Before I start I would like to point out that yes, all of these brushes are from a brand called Zoeva & the reason why I chose this brand was because I’ve been on the hunt for some really GOOD quality 👌, HIGH-END brushes that are renowned in the makeup industry, as well as really being worth their weight 💰 (…yeah thats a saying… these brushes aren’t for heavy-weight lifters 😂). Zoeva is a cruelty-free brand & also has vegan brushes (as far as I’m aware, so please do let me know if I’m wrong). Since this is more of a wishlistt post rather than a review post I won’t go on in too much about the brand itself but lets just get started with the actual brushes 👇

Eye Brushes 👁👁

225 Luxe Eye Blender £8.50


231 Luxe Petit Crease £8.50


226 Smudger £8.50


222 Luxe All Over Shader £9.50


230 Luxe Pencil £8.50


Face Brushes 👩🏻

129 Luxe Fan £10.50


110 Face Shape £10.50


122 Petit Stippling £10.50


102 Silk Finish £12.50


142 Concealer Buffer £8.50


Brush Sets?

…the reason why I didn’t just choose a set, even though I’m sure Zoeva probably do some great ones, I personally find that whenever I buy a set theres always a high chance I won’t end up using at least 2 of the brushes in there 👎  & more than anything right now I want make up brushes that I feel like I really have a need for in my collection. As you can probably tell if you’ve been reading my recent posts 👉 Real Techniques: The ESSENTIAL eye kitMy ALL-TIME favourite foundation brush 🖌 & Real Techniques: The Core Collection I’m really into building up my makeup kit currently 😅.

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Love, Kimmiee.


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33 thoughts on “10 MUST-have makeup brushes 🖌

  1. I have been wanting to invest in some quality makeup brushes and Zoeva is definitely one of my choice as i’ve heard great things about them! Real techniques and Ecotools is another brand whose brushes i think are awesome! xx

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  2. I love Zoeva brushes, the quality is so good and the price is affordable as well! My favourite ones are the eye brushes (I picked the gold packaging 😁), I wish they were available in superdrug or Boots x

    New Lune | new-lune.com

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