Book review: A twisty tale

The Typical Beauty Blog Book Review Couple Next Door Shari Lapena

“You never know what people are capable of”

Hey guys 👋 so I’m back again with another book review! I hope you guys enjoyed my previous one & if you haven’t managed to read it yet you’re missing out as the author of the book actually retweeted that review! Check it out here 👈. The Couple Next Door is another Thriller/Crime book… as you may have realised by now I seem to be pulled towards this genre 😅 its the same with movies tbh… I just don’t “get” comedies & at least a suspenseful thriller keeps me on edge for long after I’ve finished reading/watching. So lets get started 👇

Title: “The Couple Next Door”

Author: Shari Lapena

Genre: Suspense. Thriller. Crime. Mystery

Pages: 362


The Typical Beauty Blog Book Review Couple Next Door Shari Lapena 2

I mean wouldn’t this attract you to pick up this book 🙌


To begin with let me just tell you guys that throughout this entire book you will be shifting suspicions from one character to another, its like you see the personality behind each character so deeply that you almost sort of form a connection/understanding with them… which makes it easier to be suspicious of them (does this make sense 🤔). I’m trying my best to not give out any spoilers in this review & just sort of float around the information already given in the blurb😅

Whats the story?

I remember whilst reading I had so many ideas on what the actual plot of the book was, whether it was about a mentally disturbed mother who never quite overcame her post natal depression 👶, whether it was about her husband and his lurking eye 👀 or about a neighbour who was the mastermind behind it all… but in all honesty you can’t see it coming, its like you think you know whats happening & the author just throws in a curveball to make you switch suspicions. I had so many storylines racing through my head making up my own decisions about characters – which just really shows how well I connected with them…

Spoiler alert 🙈

We see cracks in a marriage, we see doubt & just a general lack of trust, I mean why doesn’t the girls own mother trust her? Who is this girl & what is she really capable of? What does the mother know that they’re doing so well to hide from her husband? or is it just a tale of love, did her husband do something out of our love for his wife? & how far can someone go for love? (so many questions arose in my head & I would like to leave the rest hidden & let you guys question for yourselves!)

Edge of your seat

All in all without giving spoilers or quoting from the book 📖, just know that the series of events & how they unfold are a) UNPREDICTABLE 😱 b) UNEXPECTED 😦c) AMAZING – the storyline from the start to the middle of the book had me on edge but personally I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the ending. I could see it playing out differently in my head (which again shows how great the writing is 👌 really letting you get invested). I associated with the characters on a personal level & felt like I was more than just a bystander, I literally created my own ending & if you end up reading this book/already have read this book then please comment down below if you felt the same! 👇

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