Your skin NEEDS this scrub 😍

The Typical Beauty Blog St Ives Apricot Blemish Scrub
*p.s excuse the bright orange nails in the picture, it was clearly taken in summer 😅

Hey guys 👋 todays post is about the BEST facial scrub I’ve ever used (so far), I bought this in March I believe & have been using it actively ever since. I just find that its so good in lifting away those dry patches of skin… I know, I know I’m an oily skinned girl & probably always will be, but sometimes (when I apply too much spot cream or tea tree oil 😅) I can get dry patches of skin ( they’re never in my T-zone, cause thats just oil central but tend to be around my cheek, chin or mouth area 👄 & its SO BLOODY annoying.

The face scrub for ALL

I really believe this scrub is a 3-in-1 cause it targets dry, oily & combination skin! 🙌 I also believe that no one’s skin is the same throughout the weeks & months 🗓… maybe even through the day tbh. I personally feel like I start the day with quite dry skin which turns into a greaseball by the late afternoon but ya know whatevs 🙆. I feel like skin is such a complex organ (& yes scientifically the skin is classed as an organ, the largest organ tbf 🤓) it changes continuously & therefore its important to have a wide range of skincare available to you, so that you can make adjustments according to the skin’s needs. Did I mention that this facal scrub is also targeted towards ACNE & BLEMISH prone skin?! 😮

But kimmiee… who is St.Ives?

Well, for those of you who may not be familiar with St.Ives theyre basically a nature-driven brand 🍃  they pride themselves on using a 100% natural ingredients amongst their range of products & I believe theyre the #1 selling facial scrub in the US 🇺🇸 (don’t quote me on that 😅 ). If you’ve read my post about how harmful microbeads are (you can do so 👉 here ) you’ll know why its so AMAZING that St.Ives uses crushed walnut shell powder 🌰  in their scrub instead of those bad for the environment & bad for the skin blue beads!

Deep exfoliation

You know for them days of week you just need to get rid of the top layer of dirt & grime that can stuck to your pores 😷 especially when you live in london with all these fumes & what not floating about in the air? This is great for those days as on their website they’ve rated the scrub as having a “DEEP EXFOLIATION FACTOR” 🙌 their website also states the following about the scrub:

Contains salicylic acid to help prevent new blackheads & blemishes. It will deeply cleanse skin for fresher than fresh skin. Apricot extract is known for leaving the skin soft & smooth. Oil & paraben free. Dermatologist tested & non-comedogenic

Well how great does all that sound? I mean, I’m sold cause I’m on my 3rd bottle (is this even a bottle? 🤔 squeezy tube… thing? 😂) I totally agree with the fresher than fresh skin & the SOFT skin factor as those are IMMEDIATE effects that you can see & feel. Whilst using this scrub I can also vouch for the fact that it definitely has a deep & thorough exfoliation factor, you really do feel like you’re getting all that dirt out of your pores. The fact that its non-comedogenic is amazing as its always good to use products on your skin that won’t block your pores, I mean this should really be a standard for face products right? 🙄

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Love, Kimmiee.


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17 thoughts on “Your skin NEEDS this scrub 😍

  1. Hey, I just ran into your blog, you’re so inspiring ❤️
    I now sure want to try that scrub, looks great, I just wonder if they sell it in Europe 😄🤔
    Also, if you want, I would love you to take a look at my blog I think we have pretty much same interests 🙂
    Xo Nadja

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  2. I’ve been using st,Ives scrubs for ages now and I’ve tried so many different ones and funnily I actually didn’t know about how they use walnut peel for the exfoliating beads😱 after reading all this I love this brand even more 😄
    Great review! 💕

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