Chewing gum without the chemicals

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Hey guys 👋 a little while ago I was kindly contacted by Chewsy, a new brand of chewing gum. I was immediately intrigued as there was a time I really loved chewing gum & wouldn’t be found without a pack in my bag 👜 …you know them high school days 😅 but somehow that love faded & I drew towards mints instead as chewing gums just seemed to be full of all these unnecessary additives which surely couldn’t be good for my body (I don’t actually know if mints are better (let me know in the comments 👇) but the mints definitely seemed more refreshing & gave me that burst of freshness 🙌

Chew it like chewsy

I’m loving these lil phrases I’m coming up with 😂. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Chewsy before its basically an ALL-natural chewing gum, they use 5 plant oils 🌲 to make their gums. The story started when the owner/founder (I believe) suffered from migraines after chewing standard supermarket gum. He did some research & found out that the chemicals in the chewing gum could be causing the headaches & ALAS a new era of chewing gum was born… CHEWSY

The Typical Beauty Blog Chewsy Collaboration 3

“We are honest. We are clean”

This is their mission statement & tbh their packaging really reflects it cause its so straightforward & clean, it looks really cool & definitely stands out in my eyes. The only problem I had was that the way it opened meant that I couldn’t close it up again & so had to transfer the lil squares to another package 👎 BUT this could just be me not being able to open a chewing gum pack like a normal person 🙈

So how does it taste?

The Typical Beauty Blog Chewsy Collaboration 2

It tastes SURPRISINGLY flavoured 👌 if I’m honest I didnt expect it to taste like much cause it just has such a rubber-y feel & look to it, so I wasn’t expecting to give me much of flavour but WOW… I was genuinely shocked 😍. I’m surprised that even after taken out all these extra chemicals that you find in supermarket gums they actually were able to make it taste of a flavour 🙌 so hands up to CHEWSY for that. To name a few chemicals found in supermarket gums 👉 Aspartame, BHT, Acesulfame-k.

Alternative Gum

I’m not sure if its available in the supermarkets but you can purchase some directly from their website over at Chewsy. My niece & nephew both really enjoyed chewing this gum & my sister-in-law was definitely pleased about the fact its all natural! 🍃 I hope it helps my mom with her migraines too as now we’ve come to realise her migraines could be due to the HUGE amounts of supermarket gum she chews!

*if you havnt noticed yet I was sent these products for free in exchange for an honest review. 😊

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Love, Kimmiee.


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17 thoughts on “Chewing gum without the chemicals

  1. This is so interesting, I actually don’t chew gums now either because I’ve heard so many negative things about it but I’ll still have them occasionally. I love the fact that they came out with all natural gum and the packaging is cool! Great review! ☺️

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    1. Thankyou so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the review and really thanks for reading! I didn’t know all natural chewing gum was a thing before they contacted me & the fact that there are only 5 ingredients really made me double think about all the things there are in supermarket gums! Madness

      Liked by 1 person

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