Winter Skincare Routine – The Essentials

The Typical Beauty Blog By Kimmiee Winter Skincare Routine 2018

Hey guys 👋 I’m back with a skincare routine, I think I’ve only done one full on skincare routine on the blog so far 🤔, the Night-Time Routine (click the link if you wanna have a read 👀). My Winter skincare routine differs slightly from my “normal” routine as the combination of cold weather ❄️ & strong winds 🌬 dry out my skin SO much. Like an insane amount & at the time I originally started writing this post the Winter just started so I didn’t fully suffer from the cold weather just yet 😓 but now that were in in February my skin has officially become the driest its EVER been 😫.

So what am I doing?

Well, since this is a complete routine I’ll start with the morning 🌅. I’ve been LOVING washing my face with this cleanser from Neutrogena 👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 1

Its particularly good for when you feel like your skin is about to break out 👎 & you wanna use a cleanser specifically formulated for spotty/acne prone skin. This one contains salicylic acid which keeps breakouts at bay & just helps to calm down my skin 🙌. I don’t wanna make this post into a review so let me know if you guys want me to talk about it in depth.

Pro tip: Leave atleast 10 mins ⏲ between your skincare routine & applying makeup to allow the products to absorb.


The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 2

After washing my face using my temperature technique (read all about it here ) I apply an eye cream under my eye (over the bags 👜), sweep it across my brows (I feel like it’ll prevent sagging, but what do I know? 🙆) I also found that applying the cream over my brows stopped that ANNOYING flaking I’ve been seeing this winter 😒. Have you guys ever had that? When you’re using a spoolie through your brows & all you see are little white flakes? No? Just me? 🙃. I also have a little trick I’ve been doing with my eye cream for a good couple months now & I can’t wait to share it with you guys… in another post 😉 stay tuned ⏳ (hit the follow button so you don’t miss it).


The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 3

I apply this serum I picked up in Sephora (to see everything I picked up have a scroll through here). I’m one of those people who apply too much of everything, so I can never apply a grain-sized amount of serum & thats why in just 3 months 🗓 I’ve completely ran out 😭, which means I’m on the hunt for another, let me know if you have any recommendations.

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 4

After that I use this lotion, I’ve found that the lotion works better when its “patted” in rather than rubbed in as rubbing seems to disturb the serum underneath 🤔 making it crumbly?… not sure if I’m explaining it properly 😅.

Pro tip: Leave atleast 1 min ⏲ between applying the serum & lotion to allow each product to absorb.

Then I use my Burts Bees Lip Balm, which I’ve been loving since summer ☀️, I find myself applying this multiple times throughout the day as I love the feel of it! Its so nourishing.

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 5

Night-Time 🌃

My night routine has been REALLY similar to my morning routine, the only difference being this absolute GEM👇

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 6

that I completely randomly stumbled upon on one of my trips to Boots (ya girl loves boots) I’ve been using this night cream for 2 months now (I think 🤔) & I know usually I would wait atleast 3 months 🗓 before talking about a product with you guys but you know when the feeling is just so STRONG & the effects are immediately visible? 🙌 I just had to talk about it with you guys, cause otherwise it would feel like I’m cheating y’all 😅. As usual a full review will be up eventually ⏳

Thats all for today

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 7

I did a poll on my twitter 🐦 a while back asking if guys would prefer me to half my Winter Skincare routine post as it was getting SO long & most of you said you’d prefer that… so stay tuned for PART 2 on Sunday 🗓, hit that follow button so you don’t miss it 😉. ALSO guys I should mention I’m one of those people who can’t use the same product for too long (whether it be hair, makeup or skincare products) I prefer variation & thats why I’m constantly circling products in & out of my routine.

Lastly… for those wondering why I’m posting a winter skincare routine in February well Instagram had spoken 😆

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 8

Sneak peek 👀

Heres a sneak at 1 of the products that’ll feature on Sunday’s post!

The Typical Beauty Blog Winter Skincare Routine 2018 The Essentials 9

Thank you…

…for reading today 💙 If you use any of the same products I do, or have any recommendations for a good serum then please let me know in the comments 👇 & if there’s anything you wanna see me write about then let me know that too! I’m always open to a conversation (cause I just love chatting 😅) P.S to stay up to date hit the FOLLOW button ☺️

Love, Kimmiee.

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21 thoughts on “Winter Skincare Routine – The Essentials

  1. Love Soap & Glory! Got to try that one out! I really love their body range. I have this gorgeous body scrub but unfortunately just realised they have those tiny beads in it that are harmful to fishes and the environment 😞 !!! So sad. Burt’s Bees… aw love their stuff.

    That body shop tea tree range looks fab. Got to find out more about that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh no way? They use those micro beads in their Body Scrubs? I didn’t know that! They should stop doing that / find alternatives for sure! This is the only skincare item I have from Soap & Glory. Burts Bees is definitely a really really amazing brand, I’ve tried two of their products now & ive been so happy with both! What’s your fav Burts Bees product? Thanks for reading! Xx


  2. I love this post! I always love having a look at peoples skincare routine so I can try out the products ahah. For a long time, I’ve wanted to get Burts Bee’s Lip Balm and I think I may have to because my lips are terrible atm. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Highly recommend the lip balm! Its such a GREAT nourishing little balm that really makes your lips soft. It doesn’t last the entire day like maybe some high end luxury ones do but for a high street lip balm this will always be my fav! Thanks so much for reading xx


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