DIY: Room Makeover – The Beginning

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Hey guys 👋 welcome to the first blogpost as part of my DIY series 🔨 I thought it’ll be much easier to read & follow these if I divide them up into weekly posts 🗓 rather than writing a 10,000 word post with 60 odd pictures in there 😅. This way they won’t get too long & hopefully no one will lose interest either 👀. I think there’ll be roughly 10 posts in this series & I’m PLANNING to post them every Tuesday at 7pm starting from today. so set a reminder guys. Today you guys are gonna see the STATE the room was in when I got it 😷 …prepare yourselves cause you are NOT 🙅 ready for this.


Ok so first of all how did the room even get to this stage? I HAVE NO CLUE 🤔 I assure you guys I had no idea the state it was in. This actually used to be my bedroom when I was in High School through to Sixth Form but then when I moved out to University I told my parents they could give it to one of my brothers & that was that. NO ONE ever saw inside this room again until they asked him to move out, to which he kindly agreed to as ever since moving back from University I was living in two bedrooms, the struggle was real 😓.

What it looked like 👇

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The first thing I noticed was the carpet, if you look closely around the edges of the room where his bookshelf & wardrobe used to be the carpet still looks somewhat like how it did when I moved out, but the entire middle section just looks… I’ve got no words 😶. You can clearly see where he spent 80% of his time… on his swivel desk chair behind the computer 🖥.

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 3

This was actually a mirror I put up during my High School days, I think 🤔 or maybe during Sixth Form… I’m pretty sure it was during High School though as I’m actually terrified of butterflies now. Yes I am scared of butterflies & yes I know they’re actually really pretty insects 🙄 (are they considered insects?). As you can tell I’ve always been that strong 💪 independent woman that did her own DIY 😆, but yeah I guess when he took over he didnt bother taking the mirror off & just placed his furniture in front of it.

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 6

I’m not entirely sure who put these curtains up, or even when they went up cause I wasn’t joking when I said I hadn’t seen the inside of this room for years… ya know they came off STRAIGHT AWAY 😂

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 8

I have NO idea how or why the back of this door is yellow & why there’s this huge stain/gross area on the wall, but I guess the wall can be explained as his computer was placed there & it could be due to the heat? …doesn’t explain the yellow door though

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 7


The first thing I did

So, to get started the first thing I did was get a little step ladder & take of those HIDEOUS curtains, I mean who even chose them? & WHY?! Once on the step ladder I realised the railing hadn’t even been fitted in properly as the holes for the fittings were too large & matchsticks were stuffed inside to keep the railing up, hence leaving it slightly slanted. After this I took the mirror down, cause even though I originally chose it a) I wasn’t planning on keeping ANYTHING & b) it’s not really my sort of vibe anymore 😅

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 9

Can I just ask, who even hangs curtain this low to the window box though?!? & who liked my handiwork with the papers covering the window? I did that purely just so I could work deep into the night 🌃 & not worry about being seen sweating away.

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 12

There was also this cable coming from the outside of the house 🏠 which apparently had been there from the time my mum & dad had a TV up in here, I don’t remember that at all but oh well I used some sharp pliers to cut the cable.

The Typical Beauty Blog Room Makeover 13

I also got rid of that ugly door hook, I’m not a fan of door hooks… not sure why but I just don’t like how they look? Is that just me? Am I picky? 🙈 I did however get one of those “over the door hanging hooks” which you’ll see in later posts but thats all for now so…

Thank you…

…for reading today 💙 If you’ve enjoyed this post then please let me know & give it a like 😉 also make sure to stay around (or just check back EVERY TUESDAY 7pm 🗓 for the next post in my DIY series… you know you wanna see how I made THIS bedroom pinterest-worthy 😏. P.S if you’d like to see me blog about something specific then let me know down below in the comments! I’m always open to a conversation (cause I just love chatting 😅) aaaaand lastly to stay up to date hit the FOLLOW button ☺️

Love, Kimmiee.

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